Little Things That You Can Do for Your Brain Everyday

There are only twenty-four hours in a day, and you have lots of things to do such as working, doing chores, fetching your kids from, buying groceries, and so much more.

So busy, huh?

Well, it’s no wonder that you barely have time to just sit down and read a couple of books or perhaps magazines or newspapers.

You’ve hears tons of people tell you how reading is good for your brain. It’s not that you don’t value your brain.

It’s just that you don’t have the time.

Even if you wanted to take the time to read, when you get back home from work or whatever it is you went to do, you’ll be too tired to even read.

Even if you did force yourself to read, it would still be no use since you won’t be able to understand what you read.

The reading would be for nothing.

Some say this is an invalid excuse because if you really want to make time for something, you’ll find a way, no matter how busy you think you are.

I disagree.

That’s not the reason why not being able to take care of your brain is inexcusable. The reason it’s inexcusable is because reading isn’t the only way to do good things for your brain.

It just happens to be the most popular way, but it most certainly is not the only way.

There are lots of ways by which you can take care of the one organ that is responsible for the entire operation of your body.

And guess what?

It doesn’t even have to take so much of your time, just a few minutes will do.

Memorize at least one thing every single day

It can be fun. You never know.

Maybe you’re riding a bus to a faraway city. You can memorize at least one building in your path.

Memorize the landmarks, stuff like that.

That’s sure to make your journey fun.

Apart from being fun, it’s also useful. Why? Well, you never really know if you get stranded in that specific place.

Well, if that ever happens, it will be a lot easier for you to find you way.

By doing this technique, everyday you’ll be sharpening your memory skills.

Start detaching to material things a little more each day

There are lots of opportunities in life that in the back of your mind, you just love to seize, but you never do because something is getting in the way: gadgets, or whatever material possession you’re obsessing on.

Try to detach to material possessions each day.

Not only does material things get in the way of your happiness and success, it also makes you dumber and lazier.


Well, technically you’re not a dummy, but sometimes people rely so much on their favorite gadgets that they forget to do simple things.

It also makes us lazy.

When people become lazy, they end never achieving anything, even when presented with so many opportunities.

You won’t be able to grab any opportunity even if it hits you right in the face.

Author Bio

Kelly E. Walsh lives in South Carolina. She is a graduate of BS in Computer Science but preferred pursuing her writing career instead. Mostly because she loves telling stories and sharing her knowledge through writing. She is currently writing for on a regular basis and do ghost writing for some companies as well.


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Harappa – Curse of the Blood River


2017, Delhi – Vidyut’s dying ancestor summons him to Banaras. The old Brahmin chieftain of the Dev-Raakshasa Matth, or the God-Demon Clan, bears a chilling secret. Their bloodline carries an ancient curse that will plague mankind – towards its own violent extinction.

1700 BCE, Harappa – Harappa is a magnificent city on the banks of the mighty Saraswati river. The darkness of treachery, taantric exorcism and bloodshed unleashes itself on the last devta, paving the way for his devastating revenge…and the horrifying truth behind the fall of the glorious civilisation.

2017, Paris – The world’s most powerful religious institution is rattled. Europe’s dreaded crime lord meets a mysterious man in Paris. A lethal assassin boards a train, as Rome fears the worst. The prophesied devta has returned.

What connects Banaras, Harappa and Rome? What was the ancient curse and who was the last devta? What is the terrible secret behind the fall of the colossal Indus Valley? Read on as you travel through a saga of deceit and violence, gods and demons, love and ambition.

About the author: Vineet is a first-generation entrepreneur. At age 22 he started his company Magnon from a small shed. Today Magnon is among the largest digital agencies in the subcontinent and part of the Fortune 500 Omnicom Group. He has led the global top-ten advertising agency TBWA as its India CEO. This made him perhaps the youngest ever CEO of a multinational advertising network in the country. He has won several entrepreneurship and corporate excellence awards, including the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016. He was recently listed among the 100 Most Influential People in India’s Digital Ecosystem. Vineet’s second company talentrack is disrupting the media, entertainment and creative industry in India. It is the fastest-growing online hiring and networking platform for the sector. He has written three bestselling management and inspirational books – Build From Scratch, The Street to the Highway and The 30 Something CEO. He is an avid swimmer, a gaming enthusiast, a bonfire guitarist and a road-trip junkie. He is 39.

Review: The book is thoroughly researched, brilliantly written. The story moves back and forth from history to mythology, from occult to religion, from exorcism to gunfights, from tantrik to warriors, from love to ambition. It knits 3,700 years, powerful ancient and modern-day characters and a nail-biting conspiracy – all in one literary thriller. Harappa is the first among a series of four books. I had this book with me during my vacation this month and it was the best companion while travelling. The English is quite a beginner’s type which was easy to read & understand. An absolutely luminous story, lovely characters, meaningful thoughts, and once reading you tend to get totally absorbed in it feeling yourself in the book and living the story. Vineet Bajpai has presented mythology with a twist, which is pleasant and enlightening. The overall narration of the book is neat and the style of writing is simple. The plot of Harappa intrigued me to read more from the first few pages while the story remains fascinating as it opens out further. I’m half human, half God! What an interesting statement. Worthy your time and read. It reflects ancient India’s cultural, religious, social and historical events and their uniqueness, the book was totally unputdownableto me. There were grammatical errors in the book wish editor had looked into it couple of times. Otherwise a superb attempt to connect different timeline stories with each other. It is interesting to read that what connects Banaras, Rome and Harappa. Best wishes to Vineet and I look forward to read the next book.

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Hazaron khwahishein aisi

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of Life bringing peace abolishing strife.

Khalil Gibran very rightly described, ‘music is one language that everyone speaks every now And then whether Happy or sad, rich or poor’.

Music doesn’t differentiate its audience.

Music is the outburst of the soul.

My first brush with music in childhood was with the audio cassettes of my dad of that of singer Mohammed Rafi.

And during teens the pop music queen Alisha Chinai ruled my heart.

But the real music that made me connected to myself are ghazals, which made me introspect things closer to reality.

The ghazal king Jagjit Singh bowled me with his style that focussed more on words than on vocals.

He brought ghazals into mainstream music like Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho from the movie Arth which everyone must have heard and praised. The way Jagjit Singh sang – any genre from Gurbaani to heartbroken sorrow theme, it always got deep into me stirring my soul. The journey of my graduation in an alien culture was made easy with my walkman in 90’s and audio cassettes of his ghazals donning my almirah in hostel. Whatever was the situation from happiness to grief he had something for everyone to relate to well.

Sometimes what he sang was internal reflection of mood and state of mind of the listener.

From Punjabi peppy like Chulle Aag na ghade de wich pani, to singing words of Shiv Kumar Batalvi the ultimate Punjabi poet nicknamed Bbirha da sultan, he was master at everything. His rendering of Maye ni maye main ik shikra yar banaya is mind blowing and connects with all the ages.

It’s not that he didn’t have personal tragedies in life as he was also human and went through same emotions be it his marriage with Chitra Singh or his young son’s death in 1990.

The death of his only son broke him apart and can be judged from his break for over a year from singing.

Some people require an ideal atmosphere of silent drinks and dim lights to enjoy ghazals, but I can hear them anytime anyplace without any preconditions.

Such was the aura of him that he worked with all time greats like Gulzaar to Javed Akhtar to Rahat Indori to Nida Fazli to Muzzafar Warsi.

His masterpieces in Marasim – Shaam se ankh mein nami si hai and Din kuch aise guzarat hai koi is hummable all the time just because it’s close to everyday realities we face. He gave life to the poetry of Gulzar and made it immortal for years to come.

His interaction with Javed Akhtar is also too good to ignore.

Tere aane ki jab khabar mehke to Yeh jo zindagi ki kitaab hai every number in album Saher is eloquently explaining the philosophy of life and the waiting of the beloved.

It’s been 20 years of listening him but every day I find new meaning in his recitation as it teaches me lessons of life. He sang almost 90 albums and lots of songs for movies out of which Arth and Saath Saath are immortalised in Indian film music.

The day 10th October 2011 when he passed away left millions of his fans like me in tears as if I had lost a family member is still etched in everyone memories as we are yet to experience anybody like him. He has left back a big legacy of his work that can guide us and entertain us for times to come.

To conclude one of my favourite is Tere khushboo mein base khat main jalata kaise as it signifies the pain of a lover who is unable to come to terms with loss of his lover and wants her back only to end with these words tere khat aaj mein ganga mein baha aaya hun,aag behte hue paani mein laga aaya hun..

His another ghazal of Ghalib is epitome and truth of everyone life..

Hazaro khwaishen aisi ki har khawaish pe dum nikle..

I have one wish and that wish is to have him come back alive so that I can meet him.

About the Guest writer: Dr Amandeep Singh, is an Anaesthetist by profession, has penned down his first post for this blog. He has interests in music esp in Ghazals of Jagjit Singh, in the game of cricket and is emotional by nature. He lives in Khanna, Punjab.

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Sunday Featured Blogger #11

With the start of this month May, I am starting a new, weekly series, on my blog.  In it I am featuring 20 bloggers for 20 Sundays starting from today till September 2017. 

The Blogger to be featured today is Arpit Chhikara 

Can you tell me a little about yourself and your blog – mentioning something known and unknown to the readers?

I am Arpit and I think of doing different things and many of those revolve around fantasising about beginning my Hero’s Journey. I am 21 and while people in my age group have ambitions to get into MBA, I write and protect my soul from spiritual depression. The world surrounding us revolves around chasing novelty and more and more accomplishments. I work on being present in my life and focussing only on what brings me joy.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your blog or through blogging communities?

For last two years I have been attending various events where people who are into writing, drama, stage performances and storytelling meet and share their experiences. One such group is Delhi Storytellers Network where once every month people from different fields get together and share stories. Another group is Stories That Matter and there too stories are shared. Other than that I have met a number of off-beat and interesting people via my blog. A group that I once went to is a group of people who stammer and get together every week to practice their speech skills.

What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog? You can tell me about your usual day routine.

I wake up and before I step out of bed, I fantasise and build castles in air. When I am finally tired of doing that, I get up and begin my day. I read books and take a nap during the day. In evening I go out to cycle or exercise or caress dogs. At night I continue my reading or write something. That’s pretty much it. Since my college is over, I have plenty of time to develop myself into a better writer. If there is any freelance work to do, I finish it as fast as possible and get back to my lazy life routine. When I find any interesting event happening in the city, I make plans to go there and also invite people who share interests similar to mine.

Everyone has a favourite/least favourite post. Tell me about your best and worst post and why?

My worst post is the first one. I can’t even picture myself writing it. I was so amateur at that time. But I am glad that I wrote it. It began my journey into writing. There are two posts I love the most. One was published on The Uncommon Box and the other on Feministaa. They revolved around gender neutrality and sexual desire. One of my best written posts hasn’t been published yet. I plan to get it published somewhere other than my blog.

Name some of the bloggers – at least 3 of your favourites, whom you look up to and why?

Vasu Primlani writes really well. Her voice that is raw and sensitive at the same time. Being the superb comic she is, her blog posts are very much relatable and delightful to my heart. I love what James Altucher writes. Whether I listen to his podcasts or read his work, his voice remains the same! That’s what makes him more appealing. The things he talks about instantaneously strike a chord with me. Other than that I love what Maddox writes. He is funny, vulgar, offensive and genuine in his writing. His work is better than most people out there who live in a world of sunshine and puppies without realising the reality that surrounds us.

Tell me about your proudest achievement(s)? (Related to Blogging)

Many times when people ask me to tell what I do, I ask them to Google my name. That takes them to my blog and other stuff that has been written by me. This is one of my proudest achievements. I have a Gravatar profile that showcases my past work and there is no need for me to build a resume. My work is out there in the world to be seen! Travelling, food tasting, writing, photography, singing or whatever it may be, there should be a way the world can see what you do. My way is through writing.

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Make a profile somewhere and begin to write. Medium is a good option. So is WordPress. Blogger is also fine. Write what you want with an outlook that is new and original and worth reading. Why will somebody read what you have written? Think about it and make your work worth reading to the audience it pertains to. Then to expand your thinking, write something for other bloggers’ audience and show them your interest for a guest post. That will get you credibility and more blogging platforms shall open for future. If you want to be a guest blogger, ask Romilaa or me regarding that!

I am sure you know me as a blogger or your friend on social media or may be even as a person in real so how would you rate my writings and tell me your honest opinion on me – this would serve as a testimonial.

You write good initial lines. That makes one intrigued about the stuff that shall be coming later on in the article. Also, you have a compelling style that doesn’t allow me to leave any of your writings unread once I begin to read them. The poems in your three flowers ebook were good and A-Z idea was great!

Arpit Chhikara – Twitter Blog | Facebook 

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Roommates – Yay or Nay?

Even though I have stayed away from home for long enough to know what is best for me, I still keep asking myself if it is best to live with roommates or am I better off alone.

Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question and obviously, by now I have taken numerous roommate quiz to check if I am ready to live all by myself. But, at the end it’s a personal decision that all apartment dwellers are entitled to make, and it always depends on what you want at the time you’re looking to rent.

The apartment I had during my college days was pretty decent and my roommates were pretty chilled out probably because we all went to the same college, got decent pocket money from home and of course shared very good roommate relationship. Most importantly, we were still in college and had little less figured out our lives so everything around was quite chilled out.

I moved three times during my first two years out of college, and though my apartments were in same city with different floor plans and wildly varying rents, one of my criteria was non-negotiable: I had to have roommates and trust me living with roommates can be pretty terrible. And trust me when I say this, because I have had roommates who leave their dishes in the sink, never take out the trash and sometimes finish your carton of milk or fought over bills.

We’ve traditionally thought of having a roommate as a necessary evil for poor, lonely singletons who can neither afford a one-bedroom apartment nor lock down a live-in partner. Because I am still young and like I did, most of us move in with one or two or even four or five roommates- yes I have got 5 roommates, because cohabitation is necessary, especially in cities where space is tight and rent is high.

For the first few weeks’ right after I moved out from my house, which as a twenty something you dream of, we know the benefits of living with roommates. It is definitely cheaper than living alone and allows you to create a network in perhaps a new city, and makes the transition from college to the real world a bit easier.

So whenever my roommate’s aren’t home, I feel like a high school student whose parents have gone on vacation. I walk around in my underwear (okay, okay, I walk around naked) and blast music. I do all the things you can never do when you’re worried your roommate will come home unexpectedly.

Living solo: having your own space, no one to else to blame for not paying rent on time or taking out the trash – these simple pleasures can be so worth it. As someone who’s about to live by myself for the first time, I wonder if I’ll miss the company of a roommate or if having a place to myself will be an adventure on its own. It’s good to go through the whole ‘living with other people experience’ but, as I see it, when you get a little bit ‘older’ the best thing is to live alone, and leave all the chaos behind 🙂

About the Guest blogger: Asmita is a blogger, and social media enthusiast who recently relocated to Mumbai, India. She is passionate about things like good coffee,reading, being outside and believes that we are in the world to do good and to grow as much as we can. She writes about her misadventures and travels in the city with some musings about life thrown in for good measure. She can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

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Now Book Xiaomi Products on Mobikwik

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand electronic company which has gradually become the 5th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Apart from smartphone, Xiaomi also designs different kinds of mobile apps, laptops and consumer related electronics.

This time Mobikwik and Xiaomi have collaborated with each other to come up with a unique offer where you can get amazing Mi cashback offers in form of SuperCash if you purchase a Xiaomi product on the Mi store via the Mobikwik wallet.

They have also launched a new Xiaomi MIUI18 that have special feature through which you can pay your bills and recharge your phones via messaging services. There are also various kinds of offers for the new and regular users of the Mobikwik.

About the Offer

Mobikwik and Xiaomi India joined hands with each other around a year back on 30th June 2016. Their collaboration has made the life of several Indians easier as they can now make an effortless and no hassle payments on their Mi phones by using Mobikwik wallet.

This technology came into action with the launch of the new Mi phone MIUI18, which has features where you can recharge your phone or other DTH connections and pay your bills from within the messaging app.

For example, if you get a notification message about the low balance or bill payment on your phone, the new MIUI18 would have a ‘recharge now’ button just below the message. By clicking it you can intently recharge or pay your bill through Mobikwik wallet.

The best thing about this deal is that you don’t have to download any extra app for this amazing offer as the “recharge” option comes right next to the message by the consumers. For the Mi users who don’t have the latest MIUI18 don’t have to feel disheartened as they can also enjoy this feature by just upgrading to MIUI18.

The Mi users also don’t have to update their Mobikwik app and can sync their Mobikwik account with Mi account and get the option of ‘One Click Recharger’ for the easier mode of payment. You can also buy an entire range of Xiaomi’s products like MI Router 3C, Mi Air Purifier 2, Mi Power Bank, Mi VR Play, etc. through Mobikwik app.

Why choose Mobikwik?

You to get flat 10% SuperCash while purchasing any product on Mi store and paying via Mobikwik app. Other than purchasing, you can also recharge your phone and DTH services and pay your bills via Mobikwik wallet on the new MIU18 features and get exciting SuperCash and Payback points.

  • Get upto 10% SuperCash at Mi Store

You can get upto 10% SuperCash on Mobikwik payments at Mi store. The maximum SuperCash you can earn via this offer is Rs 300which would be credited into your account within 1 day and in case of any product cancellation, Mi will be responsible for your refund. This offer can only be availed once from 23rd June to 16th July 2017.

  • Easy recharge option in Xiaomi MIU18

Apart from the Mi store, DTH recharge and Bill payment option, you can use Mobikwik wallet to pay for other online places also. The new Xiaomi MIU18 users can now get 50% SuperCash on making their first online recharge with Mobikwik wallet. They provide this SuperCash offer on variety of Mi products like smartphones, power banks etc. The existing users only get the additional 10% SuperCash on other recharge and bill payments.

Major Xiaomi Products available under this deal

  • MI VR Play

The Mi VR Play is a headset with Google Cardboard which allows its users to view 360 degree videos and other Mi Live VR live streams. You can also click VR Photos via this gadget. This smart gadget is compatible with the smartphones which have 4.7 to 5.7 inches of display screen and has an anti-reflective lens which provides clear image with optical grade lens. The Mi VR Play also has a button which makes a direct contact with your smartphones.


  • It has a good compatible with your smartphones
  • It is a light weighted gadget
  • Easy to use
  • It has a decent battery life


  • It doesn’t have any outlet foe earphone wire
  • Take lots of effort and time while tearing and wearing the zip
  • It has a relatively poor camera quality

Mi Store Price

The Mi VR Play is affordable to buy with only Rs 999 on Mi store. Although, using the given Mobikwik offers, entitles you to get 10% SuperCash, up to Rs 100, on your purchase.

  • Mi Router 3C

The Mi Router 3C is Xiaomi’s first router in India. It has a combined transfer speed of 300 Mbps with a 16 GB flash storage for firmware updates and 64 MB DDR2 memory. It comes with a four copper antenna system with 80m range and supports around 64 connected devices. It also has special Mi Wi-Fi app which is available for both Android and iOS processors. This app helps the router for its set up and includes features like parental control, guest sharing, Wi-Fi boost, etc.


  • The four antennas covers have the largest coverage area
  • It supports cloud control so you can operate it even when you’re out of country
  • Cons
  • It only comes with a one year warranty period
  • It has only two RJ 45 LAN output ports

Mi Store Price

You can buy this awesome gadget at Rs 1,199 only on Mi store. You can also avail up to additional Rs 120 SuperCash on paying via Mobikwik wallet.

  • Mi Air Purifier 2

The Mi Air Purifier 2 guarantees you clear and hygienic air which suspends even the tiniest particulate matter from the air-borne pollutants. It comes with a triple layer filters that needs to be replaced only once in every 6 months with the minimum charge of Rs 2,499 only. The triple layer filters gives a 360 degree filtering and features PET pre- filter. It can also be controlled via Mi Home app which is available on both Android and iOS. It has three modes of operation like auto, sleep and manual which works on different statistics like humidity, temperature and fan speed.


  • It comes with a clean and subtle design
  • it cleans the air quality at faster speed
  • It has smart features like MIU18 weather app


  • The filters needs to be replace quite frequently
  • The filters replaces adds to the cost
  • The visual air quality indicator is missing in this product

Mi Store Price

The Mi Air Purifier 2 is affordable to buy with great features at Rs 9,999 only on Mi store.

If you pay through your Mobikwik wallet to for this product, you can get extra Rs 300 SuperCash on your purchase.

Both Xiaomi and Mobikwik are trustworthy electronic company and online e-commerce sites respectively. Xiaomi brings you amazing gadgets on Mi store, while Mobikwik offers you easy and no hassle mode of payments with extra offers and discounts on your purchase. Xiaomi with Mobikwik wallet not only brings you the maximum discounts on your favourite products but also helps you to earn extra payback points and SuperCash which could be redeemed and benefit your further transactions.

Booking online with Mi store through you Mobikwik wallet provides you with the complete safety of your details and offers you some exciting discounts which could be availed without any various Coupon Codes. So stop worrying and start Shopping and get the full use of this amazing offer!

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Gifts from

Every year, the number of people shopping online and the number of purchases they make increases. And for good reason. The web offers the ultimate in variety and convenience. You need not step out of your home, spend on parking and Petrol. Lots of variety to choose from. Home delivery, Return Policy. Discounts, Rewards, Coupons. Comparisons. Time to think about buying something or not. so all in all a good alternative to shopping in a mall or in some bazaar during hot summers n rainy months. Advancement of e-commerce and online stores has brought about a revolution in shopping where customers are enjoying a whole new shopping experience like never before. If you want to enjoy this revolution you should now click for an amazing shopping experience.  The user friendly nature of this websites helps shoppers to choose for their desired products within an instant as they visit the website.


  1. is one of India’s largest online gifts store specializing in gifts for all ages and occasions.
  2. Established in 2001, Indian Gifts Portal ( is one of the oldest, LARGEST and most experienced ONLINE gifting COMPANY IN INDIA. We understand the consumer’s gifting needs.
  3. Indian Gifts Portal ( specializes in flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalized products, festival merchandise, kids, home & living and fashion categories
  4. Indian Gifts Portal ( ships orders to 150+ countries (including USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc.) and 7,000+ pin codes in India.
  5. Indian Gifts Portal ( has same day delivery network in 300 cities in India. has a wide range of products available. Cakes, flowers, personalized items, toys, home décor, kitchen accessories, fashion accessories, beauty products etc. The list is quite big.  The best thing is you can choose the Gifts as per Category. You can choose the option Gifts by Receipient & Occasion and further select whom are you gifting to and the occasion. There is a choice of unique selection available Gifts as per Personality type depending on the nature of the recipient. There are products curated for gifts for mom on mother’s day, father’s day gifts, gifts for brother, gifts for sister. Name an occasion and you will find gifts.   The selection is extremely well categorized and the range and variety of products available is amazing.

Now coming to my own experience. I wanted to gift myself a party clutch. I really wanted something small and neat and I found just the perfect thing I was looking for a Black silk zardosi piece. The product looked very nice on the site and the actual product looks exactly the same. The delivery was extremely fast and received it less than 2 days time. The packaging was very good and nothing was damaged. I loved the way the site has been designed. And the product quality, delivery schedule were as per my expectations. The only con was that there were very less items jewellery and footwear section. Another 3 items which I gifted myself were chocolates and a personalised pen. The packing of these products were very good, none of the chocolates were old, hampered or in melted stated. I love the box they sent the Hershey chocolates.





Indian Gifts Portal is a popular online gift shop for all your celebration or any last minute gift ideas.  They have a wide variety of gifts of all category that can be shipped across 300 cities in India and even internationally! I will definitely recommend this online gift store to find a perfect gift and see a smile on your loved one. If you are looking for showering gifts to your loved ones , living far from you , you must checkout . They have wide variety of amazing gift options that you might end-up buying something for yourself. So gear up for some exciting gifting at  You can also see how the gift discovery platform work here.

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I’m not big on apps. That may sound like an odd statement coming from someone like me who is always online and survives on Twitter app but its true. Why? It mostly comes down to two things: I only need a few apps to do my job and, beyond that, I have better things to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking about necessities like browsing, email, messaging, contacts and calendar. We all depend on a handful of critical apps, which is why they’re usually built-in. And in my line of work, much of my computer time is spent using Microsoft Office particularly word. As for the gazillions of gaming, entertainment, health and fitness, social networking and productivity apps, I honestly and truly have no use for any of them.

But I believe no play makes the Jack dull and that is when I came across this wonderful app called which is a community based comparison network. Comparison has turned out to be one of the most important parts of our life from shopping on E-commerce platform to buying a birthday gift to which restaurant to have a meal. This is when this amazing platform called Punchit comes to our rescue.

The app can be downloaded to your phones from here. With this app in your phone you can create a community and start online debates through comparison posts, check for your followers suggestions before buying something, compare it for fun, entertainment or sarcasm, make surveys, have comparisons for fashion, food, shopping and much more, even start-ups.

Now you must be thinking what can be compared? You compare Trump and Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal, Prices of products on Amazon, Flipkart or snapdeal, India vs Israel, iPhone 8 vs Oneplus 5, in fact the list is endless. The more comparisons, the more content one can get to read about the best they need or are looking for.

The app is small and no complications at all. It is easy to navigate with a user friendly interface. You can join the community through Facebook Login (I used this way) or else through Google. Once you login, you can easily authenticate or allow this app to get connected; thereafter you can punch in your unique name, select 2 or 3 interests according to the suggestions given by the app and browse through the comparisons whichever interests you.

My personal favourites were – Startups, Indibeam, Punchit community, Foodoholics and Fashion brands. You can share about this app through Twitter (which I did to make a noise about it on my feed). I really liked this app and despite being a non-app person, has impressed me a lot. As of now I found that users are less but I am sure in the future course, this will be successful with many members. The best part of this app is signing out is as simple as signing in as many apps have problem with getting off.


I definitely feel this app is super entertaining and useful and you can share about this app through these platforms.

★ Facebook:

★ Instagram:

★ Twitter: (Hashtag: #ComparisonMakeDisruption)

★ Website:

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Sunday Featured Blogger #10

With the start of this month May, I am starting a new, weekly series, on my blog.  In it I am featuring 20 bloggers for 20 Sundays starting from today till September 2017. 

The Blogger to be featured today is Atul Sharma 

Can you tell me a little about yourself and your blog – mentioning something known and unknown to the readers?

I’m Atul aka Atulmaharaj in the virtual world. I’ve been blogging over 4 years now at Few people might already know this, but this blog was started as a part of a college assignment. (Yes I was extra sincere back then, and took the assignment a bit seriously: P) Jokes apart, my Communication Skills sir was an amazing person. From having YouTube assignments to blogs, his ways of teaching was  ‘hatke’ and I admire him for that. He insisted on having a class blog and that’s when socialmaharaj started. Blogging I feel is a way to give back to the internet. We’ve taken so many things from the internet be it for homework or office related projects, we should give something back and socialmaharaj is my way of giving it back.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your blog or through blogging communities?

As I said, 4 years into blogging, I’ve met some amazing people online – Twitter and other Blogging communities. But it was only last year that I got to be a part of an event organized by Tata Motors where bloggers from all over the country were invited. It was at this event I got to meet the amazing people behind those twitter handles. You already know, that I’m really good at memorizing twitter handles! Meeting experience and renowned bloggers was a great learning curve for me. From meeting people younger to me to meeting experienced folks who had seen everything in life. And last week I had a similar experience meeting you too. Finally got to meet @RomSpeaks ! Inspiring isn’t it ?

What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog? You can tell me about your usual day routine.

Software Engineer by Profession and Blogger by Passion sums up my life perfectly. I sometimes feel that my life is exactly like Hrithik Roshan’s from the movie Zindahi Na Milge Dobara. I’m the ‘typical IT guy’ sitting in the cubicle staring at a dark screen with hundred lines of code as people label me ‘Workoholic’ (I don’t think so) Even though my job ain’t 9-5, I try to stick to it. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an early riser and not the midnight owl, so you won’t see my online beyond the 10pm mark. Being the ‘SocialMaharaj’ I start my day by checking and responding to mails/notifications on my various social media channels. When I’m not blogging, I’ll be either in the kitchen or exploring places to eat.

Everyone has a favourite/least favourite post. Tell me about your best and worst post and why?

I do have a lot of posts that would belong to the either category. My favorite post would include ‘Shukriya Dear Zindagi’ – a post where I spoke about my roller coaster journey till date. []. This one is close to my heart because with this post I got a chance to go back in time and relive the amazing moments that made me what I am! When I look back to my early blogging days, I realize how bad I was at this. I had written posts that were barely a paragraph. And my premier post was surely one of them []

Name some of the bloggers – at least 3 of your favourites, whom you look up to and why?

One tip that I always give to any aspiring blogger is that Blogging is not only about writing, it is more about reading. When you read what others write, you get a food for thought. You find a new way of looking at things. Few of the bloggers that I admire are @enidhi – Srinidhi Hande. He’s a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger who is a very active blogger. One of the things that I like about his blogs is the detailing. Whenever he travels to a new place, he gives a detailed break up of expenses which are great for people who are planning a trip. @VikramKambhoj – We’ve been following each other for few years now and recently met at the Tata Event held in Hyderabad. Being a sports blogger isn’t easy. And especially in a country like India where Cricket is religion, writing about other sports isn’t easy. That is what makes Vikramji different. @ArvindPassey – Again, I had met him at the Tata Event and was totally in awe. Surely not among the young lads but definitely young at heart, Arvind has written some of the finest posts I’ve come across. His winning entry for Tata Tiago simply amazing. Apart from them there are a lot of bloggers I enjoy reading @TheHeebee, @Mayuri6, @DeepaliAdhikary, @DeepaGandhi, @BaawriBasanti, @Shalz75, @MaitreniMishra, Amrita and many others.

 Tell me about your proudest achievement(s)? (Related to Blogging)

I like to celebrate even the smallest of the achievements that I’ve witnessed in my short blogging stint. Some of the most notable ones are:

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

Below are a few things that I always suggest to anyone who wants to get into blogging:

  • Blog is like a tree, water it with fresh posts frequently and reap the benefits in future. Never leave a blog without a fresh post for more than a week, you are killing the blog if you do so. So always have something in buffer and keep watering your blog with great posts.
  • Don’t Quit – I’ve seen many bloggers quit just because they weren’t getting huge readership. Well I would say don’t quit. Getting people to read your blog isn’t easy and takes its own time. It’s a slow process, but that doesn’t mean you should stop blogging.
  • Don’t think of a blog as a money making machine – Blogging is passion. If you are starting out with the sole intention of making money, I’d rather suggest you quit. Don’t ever venture into blogging with the intention of making money. You should focus on writing great posts and not think about the moolah. If you are good, you will earn something soon.

I am sure you know me as a blogger or your friend on social media or may be even as a person in real so how would you rate my writings and tell me your honest opinion on me – this would serve as a testimonial (A new section on my blog where I would put these good words…or maybe the bad ones too)

@Romspeaks is how I like to address you. I think we have known each other for a little over a year now. I know you as one of the most intellectual and active twitterati. One of the best things I like about your blog is that you write on an array of topics. And more importantly you know what you are writing. You are honest and unbiased and say what has to be said be it a review post or an opinion. Your blog is surely and inspiration for many budding bloggers, keep it up!

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