#BookSlutThursday – Week 4

1. The images that touch our hearts most often wear the attire of simplicity. A smiling child, a shower of rain, an evening walk and a heartfelt conversation; they all have the power to move us and secure themselves in our memories for a long time. Twinkle Khanna falls back on this premise heavily in her book ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’. In all the four short stories she conjures up in this collection, there is certain simplicity- an element of everyday. The book opens with the title story wherein we follow a frail but spirited 17-year old Lakshmi Prasad and her dream to secure independence for every girl child of her village. It is followed by the tale of two sisters in their sixties, trying to piece together their lives between loneliness and unexpected friendship. The third story takes us into the world of a young Malayali woman who continues her search for meaning in life amidst multiple marriages. The final story, the longest of the four, chronicles the trials and tribulations of a village simpleton who takes up the cause of making affordable sanitary napkins for women from all strata of the society.
2. At the age of just 15 Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban – she survived! Now she is a famous political activist, continuing her campaign for education, equality and peace for every child, everywhere. In light of her attainment of the Nobel Peace Prize this book is more relevant than ever. Malala tells a story that demands to be heard! A true story of love, loss and tremendous courage, showing how a single voice can change the world. Malala: The girl who stood up for education and changed the world by Malala Yousafzai.
3. Saadat Hasan Manto’s first collection of stories was published in the 1940s, but his stories have an enduring relevance. Now read by more people than ever before, the simple clarity of his stories about marginalized people, his astute understanding of the complexity of human nature and the poignancy of his stories on Partition transcend spatial and temporal boundaries many of his characters are legendary and his taut narratives are a great source of insight into the human condition. Widely regarded as one of the greatest short-story writers of the Subcontinent, Manto is now, a hundred years after his birth, also acknowledged as one of the most powerful voices of his time. An enigma in his lifetime, and plagued by financial troubles, alcoholism and legal persecution in the last years of his life, he draws a posthumous wave of near-universal admiration. Aatish Taseer’s sensitive translation captures the lyricism and power of Manto’s voice
4. I grew up with metal boxes, and I really wanted one for myself again in vintage print. This is great! It can fit in many gem clips, stamps and small sized photos. The design is great. I get a LOT of compliments on it whoever sees this on my table.
5. I have been using these Staedtler Luna Pencil for quite some time now. These write well, and do not require frequent sharpening compared to other pencils. The body colors are pretty nice too. Added to that is the assurance of the Staedtler brand, made in Germany. Go ahead with this if you want basic pencils that write well, last for a decent time and are reasonably priced.
6. Hailed by many as the holy grail among gel ink pens, the Uni-ball Signo line is lauded for its legendary archival quality ink and continuous smooth flow. With tip sizes that range from 0.28 mm to 1.0 mm and a vivid array of colors to choose from, it’s revered by pen lovers everywhere.
7. Intricately-cut brass metal bookmark is in 24 Karat Gold Plated. The artistic, openwork metal design is enhanced by a rich burgundy silk tassel.
8. You only live once, make it grand. Use that time, exploit that age, waste that life the way you wish. Play by your own rules and change the rules when you lose. It is totally worth the trouble. And so is my handbag journal. This stylish soft to touch notebook has lined guides and perforated pages for easy writing.
9. And that a crystal bowl, famous Dublin cut, which accents the decorative piece, is perfect for a variety of flowers, as well as standing alone as a lovely accent piece.

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Day 11 – Blog-a-photo Challenge I Quote

Here’s the thing about love: It’s hard to put into words. Love brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy. Love can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats. Love can make you happier than you’ve ever been, sadder than you’ve ever been, angrier than you’ve ever been. It can elate you and deflate you almost at the same time.  While we can all pretty much recognize the emotions associated with love, actually finding the words to explain those feelings is a pretty tough order.

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Day 10 – Blog-a-photo Challenge I Mom

Through the years, sharing my secrets and challenges with you has been incredibly therapeutic, and I can’t thank you enough for how you always find a way to make me feel better. You’re always full of love for the people you come in contact with, and you deeply care about them. Everyone who knows you is lucky to have such a caring woman in their life. I love you Ma.

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Day 9 – Blog-a-photo Challenge I Books

Penguin Classics is an imprint published by Penguin Books, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House. They are published in varying editions throughout the world including in Australia, Canada, China, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Literary critics see books in this series as important members of the Western canon, though many titles are translated or of non-Western origin; indeed, the series for decades from its creation included only translations, until it eventually incorporated the Penguin English Library imprint in 1986. The new classics were known as “Black Classics” for their black covers, which also featured artwork appropriate to the topic and period of the work. Recent design work includes the Penguin Little Black Classic series of 2015,  a series of pocket-sized classics introduced to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Penguin Books. From India to Greece, Denmark to Iran and not forgetting Britain, this assortment of books will transport readers back in time to the furthest corners of the globe. With a choice of fiction, poetry, essays and maxims, by the likes of Chekhov, Balzac, Ovid, Austen, Sappho and Dante, it won’t be difficult to find a book to suit your mood.

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Shocking Health Problems Caused By Consuming Broiler Chicken

People often misunderstand healthy lifestyle habits and Frugal Living.

Well, not that I mind, but I have often had to brush away looks that seem like trying to push me inside the earth, just because I say ‘NO’ when it comes to fab food and packed food.

Well, today is the turn of the broiler chicken.

Broiler Chicken – The Quick Growing Livestock

It all started when on a visit to a nearby livestock production unit, I found that along with the feed the chicks were administered with antibiotic.

I asked if it were a one-time dose- but to my shock, I got the answer that –tetracycline was administered in small doses regularly.

And this lead me to google this particular behavior and you would be shocked as to what I found.

Antibiotics in Livestock

Livestock now have begun to be grown in huge farms and runs like an industry. The chick grows to a consumable form within 65 days. A chicken piece you are eating grows from egg to muscled form in just a couple of months, and this, is done with the help of growth hormones and antibiotics.


Yes! Some antibiotics such as tetracycline taken in small doses can give a boost in muscle growth.

This after being found economically beneficial had become a very common practice among broiler farms.

Who Warning

In 2012 World Health Organization has already warned about using the antibiotics to livestock’s and humans are dreadful and has to be minimized.

However, in spite of the warning from the World Health Organization the farmers all over the world inject antibiotics to their livestock so they get healthier and are free from other diseases.

By research it is found that MCR-1 bacteria, which are a mutated bacterial strain which has evolved due to low dosage administration to poultry, move easily between the strains of E – Coli and other bacteria causing many blood, urinary and gut infections.

What Does This Actually Mean to You and Me

Well, when you eat the chicken that is been fed with such feed and anitbiotics, you will be accumulating a lot of these antibiotic (remember the food chain diagram that you learnt in school).

This makes it easy for mutated organism to grow easily in your body – now, can you correlate newer types of fever where the docs are not able to find the culprit. These are grouped under the umbrella of unknown viral infections.

Believe me – the culprit might be some bacteria transferred from your dinner table to your tummy – reaching the E.coli there.

It is found that consumption of antibiotics is more in livestock’s than humans. Human who takes more antibiotics also face the problem of resistant bacteria.

Antibiotics are important to get rid of certain infections and diseases but must be used minimal. Farmers worldwide feed colistin antibiotic for chickens for fattening.

In India because there are very less restrictive laws against such acts, there is no control on the use of antibiotics. The condition is better in US.

Food and Drug Association Program

The Food and Drug Associated initiated a voluntary program in Dec 2013 to stop the overdose of the antibiotics for livestock, wherein not to use on them for making them grow big in size but only minimal to protect them from diseases, but this was not a strict step but entirely depends on the industry to decide to join or not. It was designed mainly to reduce the use of antibiotics on livestock and resistant free illness on humans.

What Should You Do

Well, under the circumstances, all you need to do is go organic – go local.

Yes! You have read it right – buy from local farmers, near your place. This will help not only you consuming healthy food, but also would help the farmer.

Buying frozen meat and broiler meat may look easy and economical; however what you are doing is harming your family. You not only are playing with the immunity but also the hormones of people at home and young children.

By, Menaka Bharathi

About her: Menaka Bharathi a.k.a Simple Indian Mom is basically an Agricultural Microbiologist. She is an Organic Lifestyle Enthusiast and Organic Food Producer who markets it under her own brand –SIM Organics. Mother of two energetic boys she blogs at simpleindianmom and is a Parenting Consultant and conducts online and offline workshops on teaching mindfulness to children and mind-mapping for a better future for children.

Facebook – Simple Indian Mom            Twitter – MenakaBharathi

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Day 8 – Blog-a-photo Challenge I Jewellery

Bangles, don’t call it overdressing – it’s the only way to go. I had rented out my space in the apartment for an jewellery exhibition and as a must visit to it, to check on their business, I ended up buying these colorful fabric white stone studded bangles for myself. You can have a blast matching, or alternatively, clashing the colours of your bangles with your outfit, playing around with fun colour combinations, and getting to really enjoy your collection on an ongoing basis. They’re one of my all-time favourite accessories available at all manner of price points, super easy to wear, can be dressed up or down to your heart’s content, and are a joy to build a rainbow of over the years.

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Day 7 – Blog-a-photo Challenge I Window

I love looking out my doors and windows to the countryside around my home. It gives me a sense of my place in the world – as well as the changing seasons. Sure, I’m just a romantic, farm girl at heart, but by looking outside through open windows and doors, I understand just how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

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