License to Live

Blurb: License to Live is an inspirational thriller. It is a seekers journey towards finding greatness within. This wonderfully crafted fable is about finding the direction you are destined to head in and creating the life of your dreams. License to Live tells the tale of a successful corporate guru who enrolls herself in a seminar by one of the finest success coaches in the world. His radical training methods take her on a life-changing odyssey. A seven day seminar spread over three countries, puts her onto a journey where she is forced to look within and be her own teacher and guide, something she had done so well for others but missed doing for herself. Full of wisdom, wit and spiritual insights, you collect lessons that will change the way you lead your life forever. Discover within this fast paced fable: Surviving people you don’t understand, Solving situations you seem to have no control over, Finding greatness in your daily choices, Listening to your own voice – following your own path, Taking responsibility of your life and creating a worthwhile mission, Creating a future without fear and doubt entering it, Putting your past behind and standing tall in the present, Living in the present and creating your life a new one moment at a time, Putting an end to your fake helplessness.

About the author: A motivational speaker, corporate trainer and a best selling author, Priya Kumar is the CEO of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems (PKTS). Priya has worked with the best names in the corporate world and her client list includes a number of Fortune 500 Companies. Her interactive and at times unconventional methods of training continue to deliver much sought after tangible results. Apart from being a columnist for leading newspapers, Priya does several radio and television shows on Motivation and Peak Performance. She is the author of I AM ANOTHER YOU: A Journey to Powerful Breakthroughs which is a best seller in India and has touched the lives of tens of thousands of readers.

Review: It is about an emotionally bankrupt person who has everything – name, fame, good job, designation, bank balance etc… Yet who feels a vacuum within eating away her life slowly but surely. The depression seems very intense. Often this leads to suicidal contemplation. Then something unexpected happens…She meets a mentor who guides her into a path of self-discovery through the form of a seven day coaching program. Very unique and different… because it is not something that the participants can only listen to or take notes of and finally write a small question and answer session and be done with. Happy you, happy me…see you bye-bye… till we meet in some other part of the world by some stroke of luck/coincidence… by kind of an abstract design by the creator. Rather it is a no-nonsense stuff… it is something which entails active participation and absolute surrender to the instructions of the coach. No doubts, queries, whys, hows, whinny, pinnie. Carry out instructions in the same way they are laid out. It involves venturing out into the dark… very difficult and unknown missions and then writing about those at the end of each day. It pushes the participants beyond their limits of self-belief, fear, passion and hunger to succeed… which unveils another form of their own selves and surprises them with their own potential. Some of the key lessons (not in the order of occurrence in the book but in the way I could recall) that we can learn from this beautiful book are –
You can choose the future as you wish and in accordance to that you have to live your present. For example if you want to be the number one TT player in the world, then you can’t live your present by playing chess. The example is my addition!  You have to remain in the present all the time. For this you have to take up responsibilities on your own shoulder RIGHT NOW! Nobody should be responsible for what you are, who you are etc. Let go of bitter memories, qualms and guilty feelings from past. Keep only fond memories and achievements.  Respect time. So much that you should turn up for your duty before time and consider being on time is as good as being late. The final learning that I would take away from the book is very simple, let go the dark past, hold onto the past you would want to cherish, your future is in your hands and no one else, take responsibility of the present and stop the blame game. On reading this you would say that this is what most inspirational books say, this is what we all already know, but you really don’t understand the deeper meaning of the whole learning until you actually complete the mission. If you really wish to understand the deeper meaning, discover the real you, start fresh, it is a book you should not miss. In-spite of me giving the gist of the book out here, it will not at all lessen the enjoyment and learning factor of the book.

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I Will Go with You: The Flight of a Lifetime

Blurb:  I Will Go with You is a journey to the end of life and the beginning of a brand new eternity. Take your seat aboard SK502 on row 26 among four evolved souls, who through their life and living take you through an escapade that will change the way you see your own life – forever. The story is a fast paced adventure aboard a flight with a pilot who has decided to end his life by committing suicide, endangering every passenger on board. Every twist and turn leaves you gasping. On another level, the book brings you face to face with questions that linger in your consciousness long after you have turned the last page. Come aboard a suspense filled drama of life and death woven by master storyteller Priya Kumar as she takes you on a ride that you will never forget.

About the author:  A bestselling author and a motivational speaker, Priya Kumar is the CEO of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems. Apart from inspiring corporate executives toward Peak Performance, Priya is also a life coach to CEO’s and celebrities. She is the author of a number of bestselling books. Her first book “I Am Another You” was an immediate success, won multiple international awards. It remains an inspirational bestseller. Her second title, “License to Live” won the prestigious Eric Hoffer book award in 2012. Priya’s writing is both involving and inspiring.

Review:  The book begins with the introduction of few interesting people who are going to board this flight not knowing that its going to be the last one of their lives. There is a desperate woman, confused woman, successful bachelor, Coming of age teenager, Indian astrologer and a fucked up pilot. The story has been simply written and the language can be comprehended in one go. You will feel the conversation of the author, the characters in a very pleasing easy peasy manner. If you are someone who loves to read heavy books with reflective thoughts then “I will go with you” can be taken as a breather but if you are that being who is starting on his/her personal development journey and is looking for a creative source for the onset of understanding life then this book is a good one for you. The book won’t take you on a training of sorts or won’t reveal how to expand your horizons or raise your consciousness but it will definitely allow you to immerse in them later on. It will trigger some parts only you can heal and seek from within. You will like the book for its very plain composition but if you are someone who has been on this journey from a long time it won’t offer a big deal of concepts to play with. What happens in the end will leave you awestruck and the dichotomy of the pilot’s decisions will flabbergast you and there will come a point where you will expect everything to be going good but that’s when things will surprise you.

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The Perfect World

The Perfect World

When dreams are exchanged for compromise, when the truth is exchanged for denial, You lose yourself. The Perfect World is a journey of reclaiming your power to be, do and have anything you want. This inspirational fable not only takes you on a journey into the universe but also on a parallel journey within. Sprinkled with fun, triumph and wisdom, the story urges you towards choices of power, passion and purpose in your daily actions. The Perfect World will lead you towards your spiritual awareness and spiritual greatness, for that is the true meaning of success.

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