10 Day You Challenge | Three Films

I have done the same with this list as I did with the books – I chose the first three that popped into my head. I am quite pleased with these choices (for now) but there are so many films that I love – Magic Mike being one for obvious reasons, but I’m not being shallow so here’s what I got.

  1. The Lunchbox (Hindi): It is the most optimistic film and one of the best which I don’t know how many times I have watched as I have stopped counting. Happiness is relative and nostalgia is a drug – both these themes jimmy in and out of every scene inThe Lunchbox.  There are no dramatic twists in The Lunchbox and there is believability to all the characters in it. Moreover it’s a pleasure to see a Hindi film that exudes a mature portrayal of adult characters who put their vulnerability on the line. There are plenty of moments to treasure in The Lunchbox, and they’re all small and delicately crafted. Those looking for romance will swoon with delight as they discover two lonely people can find a way to make things work. Even loveless, heartless audiences would probably have to to try really hard to appear unmoved.
  1. The Japanese Wife(Bengali): It is wonderfully shot, reasonably well enacted, and is sure enough long (or slow) as hell but has made into my list of favourite movies. Spanning across almost two decades, Rahul Bose plays a graying schoolteacher in Sunderbans.  This quiet gent makes contact with a Japanese girl, a pen friend, in Yokohama. They have written-English in common, though neither can speak the language as fluently. Over years, they write to each other, and at some point, in one of those casual exchanges, even decide to turn man and wife. Bose’s Snehamoy sends Ms Miyage (Takaku), “vermilion for the parting of the hair.” cellphones, or SMS, or Internet chats in a nearby town, are technological novelties waiting to be discovered by sulky Snehamoy and his Ms Miyage. In its most effective parts, the beautifully-lensed ‘The Japanese Wife’ is like a haiku, saying a lot without underlining too much, a rare thing in our movies.
  1. You’ve Got Mail (English) : When Meg Ryan’s character gets the sniffles and retreats from the world in ”You’ve Got Mail,” she puts on pajamas and curls up in bed with her trusty laptop or a favorite book. Someday, when this cozy romantic comedy becomes a videocassette, it too will be a comfort object perfect for such moments. The most important literary outpourings here are those exchanged through E-mail, which makes the film that much more amusingly attuned to its time. Nostalgia is one of the charms of You’ve Got Mail, and the old-fashioned courtship at the heart of it, despite being conducted online, is the most charming of all and references romances-by-letter of times past. Hanks and Ryan have heaps of chemistry, and though the fact that they fall in love given the circumstances seems highly unlikely — the plot’s a little far-fetched, but what romcom doesn’t have an implausible one? — we buy it because, well, why not? The pacing is perfect, the characters likeable, the dialogue breezy. Some observations, including one about the overly complicated choices at chain coffee stores — Starbucks, specifically — still hold true.


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The Firm – My favorite Book

I am a thriller junkie. I love reading mysteries and thrillers. Give me a good thriller and you won’t even know I am there till the book is over. Given this background, you might think that I will be talking about some classic, when I say my favourite book, but that’s not true. My favourite book is The Firm.

When I graduated from reading the usual ‘Nancy Drew’ and ‘Hardy Boys’ series, ‘The Firm’ and ‘The Rainmaker’, both written by John Grisham,  were the books my dad recommended me. He too loved court room drama and law thrillers. He is not around now, so every time I hold this book, I feel him closer to me. So you can say that there is an emotional value attached to it.

Coming back to the book – The Firm, written by John Grisham is one of the best legal thrillers that I have come across. First published in 1991, it still continues to be one of the most popular legal thrillers of all times. The narrative is lucid and fast paced. The twists and turns are unbelievable and you are left hanging onto every word as you read.

 It’s a story about Mitchell McDeere, a brilliant lawyer, fresh out of law school trying to make a mark for himself in the law world. Of the many offers that he gets, he chooses a small but well respected firm. He feels like he has stepped into a fantasy land when he is pampered with amazing perks from the firm -a BMW, a house, salary that is way beyond his expectations. It’s just too good to be true. Just as he is about to enjoy a life of his dreams, come the nightmares- the secret files, the bugs/spy devices in the house, mysterious deaths of colleagues. He is suddenly being sucked into a web of lies and deceit. A mesmeric plot, there is not a single dull moment there.

I read this book in high school first. So much was I in Iove with the character of McDeere that I had decided, I was going to be a lawyer when I grow up and take on the corrupt and the mafia with my acumen! It was only after I stumbled upon the actual law books that I realized ‘law’ was not for me! Well, that’s the story of my favorite book, Which is your favorite book? I would love to know.

About the Guest blogger Neha Tambe

I am a social media marketer and writer. On my blog I try my hand at writing short stories, travel musings and random thoughts that run through my mind.

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The Confessions of a Happy bird

I’ve read many blogs about people’s pet peeves and all those really drive me to an instant anxiety attack and I’m not going to focus on that today.

I have ‘happy bombs’ in my life. They are small, little life eccentricities that makes me feel like the world isn’t so bad after all. When they happen, I feel like a mini explosion of happiness in me.

When I do not expect to be noticed and I am encouraged on something I’ve been working hard on. I get random snack cravings and to find them in my fridge, this is that happy moment. Cravings sometimes suck when you don’t have access to slake them. But when you do? *Does the happy dance*.

I always like to be on time and only few times with blessings of city’s magical phantom algorithm I’ve been able to completely bypass the infamous traffic and make it to my destination cuss-free and this is when  the gods of traffic shine down on me, happy very happy.

A new notebook, a beautiful pen, a gorgeous letter-writing set or note cards unleashes a powerful emotion called happiness in me. Stationery, seeing them gives me beyond measure satisfaction like being super happy just finding an organizer big enough to fit my lot. 

It’s not just the stories I love when I say that books make me happy; sometimes it’s the presence of them. I can never think of a time I was unhappy in a library, a bookshop, or in the nook where I keep most of the books I own in my room. I can sit near a pile of books and be happy is all I am saying; maybe it’s because they have given me so many happy times throughout. 

Coffee is happiness in a cup. I’m thrilled to have this one guilty happiness carry with it less guilt and more pleasure. The smell of coffee in the morning is a happy alarm clock, except I won’t just press the ‘snooze button’.

He makes me happy to talk to. I am happy when he calls, texts or writes to me to respond on something silly I have posted on social media or shared with him. Those little arguments we have makes me happy thinking about the makeup love. It is happiness when he teases me. It is a happy moment when I make him laugh. Happiness is his handwritten note(s) appreciating me. When he looks at me, I mean really looks at my kohl’ed brown eyes with focus and smiles; like I’ve just done a bit of something wonderful and worthy are always the newest, the brightest, and the happiest moments.  

I am always surprised how successful and fulfilled I feel when I do what makes me happy. Whatever it is: writing, reading, sports, eating, studying, surfing, drawing, or singing. Choosing to be happy doesn’t mean turning off your brain. It means tuning your brain and heart to work better together than disjointedly. So what makes you happy, let us talk about it?

This post is written towards #BLOGCHATTER prompt: Because I am HAPPY

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10 Day You Challenge | Four Books

There are  many books that I love, its hard to choose just 4 of my favourites! I really do not know which to choose so I am just going to pick the first four that come to mind and what I like the most about them.

1. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green. John Green is a new-found love of mine. I watched the film before I read the book (I do this in case the films are rubbish, that way they wont ruin the book for me. I learned the hard way with My Sisters Keeper and the first Flowers in The Attic film.) And absolutely loved it, made me cry so much. Read the book and it was sooo much better and I cried even more!

2. Where rainbows end – I haven’t read Cecelia’s P.S. I love you yet, but this book is a masterpiece! It’s really written in the usual novel language, but in the form of transcripts and dialogues.

3. The Merchant of Venice – I just love Shakespeare. In fact I love every classic. But this one is my favorite. A perfect comical drama. Why don’t we get these stuff now?

4. The Lost symbol by Dan Brown- I am a Dan Brown fan. No matter how boring his few books were/are or no matter how much hyped his other books are, but I am just a huge fan. I think I connected with it better than any other of his masterpieces. God, I feel geeky!

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Happy Anniversary #FridayFotoFiction

The roses were stunning and orchids, lovely; I thought. Realizing I was going nowhere; I walked to the park. Today was our 10th wedding anniversary. About our life, I hope to laugh and cry about our gray hair and deciding how to spend the pension. We have those years ahead of us, I know it. Nevertheless things are difficult now; he doesn’t even know I am thinking these things. We will become the old couple sitting on this bench. Smiling, I went back to the florist and I can tell you he was a very happy man seeing me back.

Word count – 100 

This post is written towards Friday Foto Fiction prompt being hosted by Tina Basu and Mayuri.

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A non-forgettable birthday

Since morning, Mohit had been observing change in Payal, his wife’s behaviour. This made Mohit confuse and he could not find the reason for her sudden mood swings. He tried to amuse her with his nastiest humour but it aggravated her mood more. In their two years of married life, such incident never happened. Disappointed, Mohit left for his office with a heavy heart.

At work, while preparing his table for the day, Mohit’s eyes fell on the sheet called social life pinned on his board and Payal’s name was on the top of the list. It was Payal’s birthday today that he forgot. Mohit realised and cursed himself. He could not believe missing this occasion, because he knew the consequences of this blunder in his life.

He gathered courage and dialed Payal’s number. He turned nervous thinking what he would say to her. Her phone rang continuously but there was no response.

Mohit decided to take off from work to save his world from getting collapsed. On the way, he took her favourite cake and bouquet of red roses (flowers were Payal’s weakness). Mohit was still unsure whether he could convince Payal.

Nervous he reached home. Payal opened the door and was surprised to see Mohit with cake and bouquet and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song at the door step. Payal tried hard to conceal her smile but could not; seeing her smiling, Mohit finally felt relaxed. She took the bouquet from him and he grabbed her tight for a hug and kissed her.

They cut the cake together and celebrated their private moments making it special. When Payal asked him for his forgetfulness, Mohit said he had planned this surprise for her and he did not forget her birthday. The lie saved Mohit’s life and they lived happily ever after, at least till her next birthday.

About the Guest blogger – Nadaan Parinda 

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10 Day You Challenge | Five Foods

I live to eat. Even though I don’t eat everything, but I try to eat everything that I want to. I might not be a foodie to share the food that you order, but I will be that foodie who would  go and explore with you all the places which offer the most scrumptious platter.

Here goes the list of 5 food that I enjoy eating.

  1. I love anything that my mom cooks. I claim she is the best cook in this world and whatever she cooks has that particular taste of love that I like.
  2. I am a hard core non-vegetarian. I love chicken. I love sea food. I love prawns everything which comes under this group and it has to be bit spicy.
  3. Gol Gappe, So in love with them. The ones with the meetha – pani.
  4. Pav Bhaji with butter, I can have them daily.
  5. I Love Desserts. From cakes to pastries to crepe to waffles, everything.


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10 Things about ‘Being Human’ that makes me Thankful #ThankfulThursdays

I believe qualities makes everyone distinctive. It is the outward manifestation of what you believe inside your mind and spirit. It is your nature, personality, and moral fiber. Your character is the attitude and set of mind which indicates to others who you are and what you stand for.

This week I talk about 10 Things ( my qualities) that makes me thankful to be human.

1. I am humble: Humility is a quiet sort of confidence, an inner strength that allows for vulnerability because its possessor cares more about what is true than who is right. I am humble because I am open to criticism and correction without being emotionally battered and bruised by what is said or even how it’s said.

2. I am courageous: Loving the loveable is easy. But loving the unlovable takes courage. Being loyal to your friends is easy in front of your friends. Being loyal when there is pressure to be disloyal requires courage to stay true. Honesty when I know I will be praised for speaking it is easy. But honesty when I know I will be in all kinds of trouble for telling the truth requires all kinds of courage to tell it anyway.

3. I am grateful: I notice the light in the dark, joy in the sad and purpose in sorrow. Where ingrates only see pain, despair and emptiness, I have mastered the attitude of gratitude that sees opportunity and fullness. I am grateful for what others might consider the ordinary and common – that which is so easily taken for granted. I smile at the curiosity of the child who asks question after question after question. I notice the flutter of leaves in the breeze and the blueness of the sky and the crispness of autumn.

4. I am tolerant: I am truly happy hence I am a tolerant bunch. Iam tolerant of others’ mistakes. I am tolerate of the uncertainty of life. I don’t blow up or blow things out of proportion. I live comfortably with change and disruption and opposing ideas and attitudes.

5. I am loving: Love is the great neutralizer of negativity. It allows me to see pain behind anger, to recognize hidden misfortune behind very public expressions of bitterness and to reach out with kindness and compassion to those who strike out in fear and blame. Love truly does conquer all.

6. I am forgiving: Forgiveness at its highest form is forgiveness broadly applied, as an expression of a forgiving heart. It is the attitude of forgiveness. I do not carry the weight of grudges to be crooked and disfigured with hate and resentment. I cannot have burdens of the soul, hence I am lighter, freer and happier.

7. I am selfless: Selfishness is the great destroyer of love and compassion, of kindness, empathy and happiness. The problem is that it is also quite a natural part of the human condition. I truly lose myself in serving others, which has uprooted the crippling characteristic of selfishness and made me learn to release and love and feel. I serve and help and watch the good results.

8. I am funny: I have the caliber to laugh, especially at myself. There is humor in almost every situation. I just have to find it. And laughing is almost always better than crying.

9. I am disciplined: No one watches over my shoulder when I slack off–except me. I have sense of ethics, of what is right and what is wrong, and act accordingly. I am strong enough to say no to life’s many temptations, from food to drugs to illicit sex.

10. I am confident: I always believe that someone out there who is better than you, you can realize your own abilities. Be confident in what you can and cannot do.

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Addicted to Stationery

I tend to classify myself as a stationary collector. I have been fascinated with pens and paper, ever since I was a child. I used to beg my parents for the colourful erasers, holographic rulers, pencil boxes and what not. As I grew up, this interest did not die down and gravitated towards paper, ribbons, pens and other stuff. I cannot walk into a stationary store and not pick up something. Even if I manage to stick to my resolution of not buying, someone else buys it for me – such are my cravings.


I am old schooled when it comes to making lists or jotting notes or just my thoughts – so no smart phone apps for me. As a result, I tend to pick up diaries and journals from everywhere and most of these purchases are done on an impulse. Here is a pic of some of the new ones from my collection.


Colours is something which I can never have enough of and I tend to pick up coloured pens – gel pens, ball point pens, sketch pens – colour pencils, pastels and even coloured ink for my fountain pens. I recently picked up a pen which has 6 different colour refills in it and I can use any one colour at a given time – isn’t that cool.


Wrapping papers tend to send me into a tizzy. There are quite a few stationary stores and book shops nearby where I live and I tend to end up browsing there while doing my weekly grocery shopping. I find the best wrapping sheets in the small stationary shops in community centres where they will stock some really unusual ones. For the vintage and rustic ones, my favourite store is the Wishing Chair which has some gorgeous English prints. Oxford Book shop and cottage emporium have some brilliant collection of very India- kinda prints from autos to cows to temples.

My collection has some soft tissue papers, sparkly cloth like thick paper in gold and silver – these are my prized ones and I use them very sparingly. Have a look at the Christmas themed paper I picked up for wrapping up this year’s Xmas gifts.


I love ribbons and coloured tapes for making my gifts pretty. My recent addiction is paper tapes which I have started picking up from wherever I can find them.


Art fairs, flea markets, dastkari haats and of course bookstores are my treasured haunts for picking up book marks. I have some really unusual ones – magnetic ones, metal cutwork, paper cutwork, metal rings, clip-ons and the usual paper ones.

Fridge Magnets:

Not a single trip where I haven’t picked up a magnet for my refrigerator – its my marker for all the places I have been to. Now My friends have also started contributing to this and so I have their travel souvenirs as well to put up on my fridge. I either need a bigger fridge now or no more magnets – what say!?!

I also have some butterfly shaped punchers and paper clips in varied shapes and sizes which is quite a unique thingy I picked up from I don’t even remember now. I just have to find something pretty and quirky to be hooked enough to buy it – never mind the utility.

I know this is a life long addiction and one that will just not be weeded out of me anytime soon! Unless of course there is some AA forum for it somewhere ….. I would love to hear about your stationary collections and fetishes….

About the Guest blogger – Shalini Baisiwala 

Passionate about everything design, I am in love with photography, travel and baking. My writing journey was initiated with my letter writing hobby as a child and has metamorphosised into serious blogging. I indulge with reading fantasy fiction, day dreaming and sipping good wine.  I am pretty much a Social Butterfly and can be contacted at

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Shalzmojo/
Twitter- @Shalz75
Blog – http://shalzmojo.in/
Instagram – @shalzmojo


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Wordy Wednesday #2

This Week: Word Prompts

Badge of Honour

Back to Basics

Between a rock and a hard place

Born with a silver spoon

Use any one or two or all the  prompts in your posts.

Many people on twitter think that I was born with a silver spoon, as what they see is an outgoing girl, with decent appreciation for her writings and guys fawning over her. But trust me when I say it was not an easy journey to reach here. There was a time when my life was stuck; it felt like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. At that time somewhere I read a quote from Joseph B. Wirthlin “Great sculptors and artists spend countless hours perfecting their talents. They don’t pick up a chisel or a brush and palette, expecting immediate perfection. They understand that they will make many errors as they learn, but they start with the basics, the key fundamentals first.” My passion was writing and I had to go back to basics to learn and unlearn about writing. I started reading like a maniac– first part of basics. Then I kept grinding myself to earn the badge of honour in the blogosphere. No demands are asked, too great to bear my words are my anchor that will suffice in the basics, we can always trust to earn honour, upon backing on the right advice.

This post is written for Wordy Wednesday #2– January 2017 #BARWoWe

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