Not idea, journal changes your life


I know many who have started keeping a journal only to give up after a few days or weeks? Like many projects which weโ€™re initially enthusiastic about, writing daily or even weekly in a journal can all too quickly become a chore.

Do you ever wonder who you really are? Do you have problems which occur again and again โ€“ patterns of behaviour that you just canโ€™t break out of? Keeping a journal for an extended period of time lets you learn the truth about yourself: how your motivation waxes and wanes, how many projects you let fizzle out after a brief burst of excitement.

Are you an aspiring blogger, author, poet, journalist or writer of any description? If youโ€™re making serious attempts at writing, you need to be disciplined about it โ€“ no professional writer works just when theyโ€™re โ€œin the moodโ€ or when โ€œthe muse descends.โ€ Developing the habit of writing regularly (ideally every day) will be a bigger factor in your success than your raw level of writing skill.

When you write in your journal, donโ€™t dwell on things that went wrong. Focus on the positive aspects of your day or week โ€“ even when you have to dig hard to find something. It might take a while for you to notice the effect, but youโ€™ll soon be seeing faster change in your life: we tend to move towards what weโ€™re focusing on.

Iโ€™m maintaining a journal based on my own emotional and spiritual healing. It helps me keep track of my growth. I support writing journals! I find writing to be a function of thinking and learning at the same time. As I write, my existing thoughts are clarified and new thoughts find their way into my mind that would not have materialized otherwise. I believe our being is unfolded through the communication of our thoughts on paper, blog, or whatever medium works best for the individual.

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