Age of Hiblisk: A Story with a Soul


Age of Hiblisk is the 2nd book received from Tales Pensieve to be reviewed.

Title: Age Of Hiblisk
Author: Sumukh Naik
Pages: 400
Publisher: APK
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Release: 2012

Author:  Sumukh Naik is a Hotel Management graduate from IHM-Goa. He is Human Resources Professional and stays in Mumbai. He likes to keep things simple, very down to earth and believes in the message of spreading love and peace. His blogs are a reflection of the world around him.

Story Description: It is the journey of Prince William and Princess Sara, the protagonists , through the magical and spiritual worlds of Pantolis, Hiblisk, and Ikra. As their voyage unfolds, they realize the true motive behind the terror employed by the forces of Dushtt to claim supremacy over the lands of Pantolis and beyond. Every new revelation brings to light the methodical madness employed by the dark forces and secrets of Mother Nature, which have been safely guarded for ages by the various civilizations of the secret worlds. Their journey also introduces them to the divine forces that monitor the functions of the world and gives them access to legendary, mystical weapons and advanced spiritual knowledge which illuminates the flow of their understanding actions towards various aspects of life. They use the knowledge gained, to try and bring peace to their war ravaged lands and fight the ever growing might and influence of the mysterious dark forces that haunt their kingdoms.Will the light of all that is divine, fighting under the banner of Prince William and Princess Sara, flicker away into oblivion against the might of the dark forces under Dushtt, or will they survive? … Only time in her womb holds the answer, potent enough to change the outlook of the very world we live in.’

My review: The book is very much of those fairy tales that I grow up reading to – prince, princess, masters, rulers, villains and the usual clash between two bordering kingdoms. I don’t like fantasy stories as they stretch a lot and this book was the same too lengthy with 31 chapters accompanied by a boring narration. I had to stop the book in between as I could not take it anymore. The frequent grammatical and punctuation errors all over the book made it a devastating read. Typographical errors were more, I am sure the book went into publishing without an editor reading and checking the mistakes.

Verdict: 1/5

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve

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