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7 foods that help us fight fat

Diseases rob us of all the pleasures of life. Foods mentioned below helps in fighting fat and cholesterol levels in the body by assisting in maintaining a good health by protecting us from hypertension, artery blockage and cardiac ailments. We should eat the right healthy foods so that we can fight fat which results in many serious diseases, to lead a healthy, happy, disease free life as a sick person is burden on the family, society and the nation as well.

1. Apples:  all of us have been hearing to the proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”; emphasizing the importance of apples. The medicinal secrets of an apple are attributed to the many chemicals in it that if it is taken regularly it helps in getting rid of the extra fat. Apples contain a fibre called Pectin which promotes digestive health by preventing constipation, as it reduces the appetite and the urge to eat as the fibre thickens in the digestive tract leading to feeling of fullness. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

2. Yoghurt: Adding yoghurt to the diet may speed up weight loss. Yoghurt helps in fat loss in the body. Obese adults who eat 3 servings of fat free yoghurt daily as a part of reduced calories diet, lost 22% more weight and 61% more body fat than those who simply cut calories. Calcium and protein obtained from low fat dairy products help in burning fat and promoting weight loss.

3 Chillies: Chillies have a compound called capsaicin which through a series of reactions in the brain leads to the secretion of endorphins (body’s natural pain killer). They lead to a temporary feeling of euphoria. Other responses include increasing the heart rate to increase the metabolism. The heat one feels after having hot peppers utilises energy and calories to produce the effect. Sweet red peppers have substances which increase thermo genesis (heat production) and oxygen consumption. Peppers have also been shown to reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

4 Lemon: Lemon is a versatile fruit with low calories and lots of health benefits. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which does not permit the formation of blood clots and strengthens circulation by giving elasticity to artery walls. It does not allow the formation of calcium or hardening of arteries.

5 Amla: Amla significantly reduced the level of free fatty acids in the body. In the raw form it reduces cholesterol levels and fights cholesterol induces atherosclerosis. Supplementation of the diet with Amla has shown a decrease in the cholesterol levels in both normal and hyper cholesterolemic individuals.

6 Ginger: Ginger enhances digestion by secretion of digestive enzymes. It has a stimulating effect on the heart and lowers cholesterol levels with its fat fighting properties.

7. Onion: The flavour in onion comes from an essential oil present in them which have anti-bacterial properties. It has also been found that onions help in maintaining normal blood glucose levels; they can lower blood cholesterol and lipid levels and are useful in preventing heart diseases.

There is a famous proverb in German “we eat food to live but wrong food eats us”. It has been observed that healthy people when start eating damaging junk food became food-o-holic and develop an dependence for it which is full of saturated fat and cholesterol. Obesity results in higher levels of cholesterol, heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. To avoid it we must uphold everyone in our families particularly children to avoid junk food and instead eat equally delicious natural foods mentioned above, which not only are low in fat but also help reducing the extra fat in our body. In most of the nations, virtually the whole of young generation has been ruined for the reason that of obesity, owed to large intakes of junk food. Let this not happen in India.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.

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  1. Kathy

    I didn’t know about a lot of these and am thankful that some of them I eat regularly. Very informative!! Good to know what I need to eat more of to fight off the fat.

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