Whisper of the worms

Book Title – Whisper of the Worms

Author – Marcardian

Published by –  Cactus Publishers

Pages: 310

Price: Rs. 240

Description : A crow eyed peep in to the backyard of a banking organization. An unusual portrayal of the life and times of an ordinary mortal and his subdued fight for survival. A moving story of the commercialized people in an imaginary country called Marcardia, portrayed through their psyche and polity, makes one think, laugh, and get emotionally choked. Listen to the Whisper of the worms to hear the muffed wail of the humans on the run, lured by the carrot, forced by the stick.

Review:  Marcardian brightly captures in his novel Whisper of the Worms the confused professional life in a bank and the comparatively serene life of simple Thobias Mathai of Panamkara village. The banking life has taught him a lesson. After a brief stopover in USA, homesick Thobias returns to his roots in Panamkara after contracting a deadly cancerous disease to count his last days living with his mother and friends in the middle of the treasured memories of his late father. The horrifying ghost of the banking life follows him from the moment he lands in his native land. After the last journey overseen by an event manager to the tomb through the most travelled village roads and the funeral rites, the spirit begins to hear the insight of the worm. The soul departs with the last laugh. Marcardian, who has watched at close quarters the risky profession of Thobias Mathai, has a message for all. The memoirs of a man on his last journey are moving but tend to tow after a few pages. I did not like this novel because I don’t like reading slow paced stories.

Verdict: 2/5 ( not my kind of book)

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

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