You Adored, Me Ignored


Author: Ambalika

ISBN: 9788183283267

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Wisdom Tree

Number of Pages: 122

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Price: Rs. 100

About the Author: Ambalika was born during an extraordinary planetary eclipse that had momentarily wiped off the sunshine from her life. When the darkness threatened to take over, she wrote and wrote, and when the eclipse passed,she found that she had authored this book. when she feels that writing needs a break from her, she switches to her other persona, to coach youngsters and help them communicate better.

Story Background : Anam wants to be…well…Anam. But as an unmarried and unemployed member of the Acharjya family, that is not something she has the liberty to be. Especially when The Clan – as she refers to them insists on living like ministries of a government and is head over heels in love with Polly, Anam’s cousin. Not believing in competing with Polly, Anam busies herself with her newfound work at the film festival. Life seems to have settled, until murder strikes, and fingers are pointed – at – who else but Anam. Anam finds herself dragged down by the question ‘why me?’ and in answering it, leaves behind quite a number of broken hearts…and heads.

Review: The title does hint at a romantic story but it is the other way, a girl called Anam and her family concerns and how contrasts are drawn of her with others. Initially when I started reading it, I really did not like but as the story started going ahead I felt the reading came to a pathway, the twirls and story drew attention to the dilemma of a girl. Its story of unemployed and single girl named Anam, who like most of the girls of today is in regular inspection of her family – the Acharjyas. Anam is always compared with Polly her cousin who has everything perfect in her life. She decides to find something suitable for herself but to her plight it lands her in a mess. I will not divulge whether Anam comes out as a champ or loser, I advise you to read the story. A very original story with effortless telling, clever chat is a must read along with meaningful lessons.

Verdict: 3.5/5

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