Life is what you make it


Author Preeti Shenoy
Publisher Srishti Publisher
Publication Year 2011
Language English
Number of Pages 209 Pages

About the author: Preeti Shenoy, is among the best-selling authors in India who weaves magic with her words and pictures. An extremely talented and versatile individual, her Twitter bio reads: “Best-selling Author, Artist specializing in pencil portraits, Poet, Yoga-Buff, Ex-basketball player, Blogger, Dobe-owner, Nature lover, Ted X speaker and a Mother.” Her interests are as multifarious and diverse as her several academic degrees which include an internationally recognised qualification from UK in portraiture.

Blurb: What would you do if destiny twisted the road you took? What if it threw you to a place you did not want to go? Would you fight, would you run or would you accept? Set across two cities in India in the early eighties, ‘Life is what you make it’ is a gripping account of a few significant years of Ankita’s life. Ankita Sharma has the world at her feet. She is young, good-looking, and smart and has tonnes of friends and boys swooning over her. College life is what every youngster dreams of and she also manages to get into a premier management school for her MBA. Six months later, she is a patient in a mental health hospital. How did Ankita get here? What were the events that led to this? Will she ever get back her life again? Life has cruelly and coldly snatched that which meant the most to her and she must now fight to get it all back.

 Review: Very short book which I could complete in a day. The story narrates the life of a typical youngster. I liked the writing style as it was simple and easy to understand, did not require a dictionary. It mostly maintained a depressing tone which I found indigestible. My biggest issue with the book is that the dialogues were unrealistic. Abhishek’s character was really interesting, though he was a bit psychic. It was one of those books which you enjoy while reading but then you forget all about it.

 Verdict: 2/5

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