Trust me




Author Raja Shree
Publisher RUPA
Publication Year 2006
Language English
Number of Pages 254 Pages

About the author: Rajashree is an award winning novelist as well as a filmmaker. She wrote and directed the film, The Rebel, that won the 43rd National Film Award and the Golden Ten Award. Her first book, Trust Me, is a cheerful romantic story set in Bollywood. She mostly writes stories that are based on the film industry with feminism as a main theme. Rajashree is an Indian novelist and filmmaker. She started working in the Mumbai film industry after studying film direction at the Film and Television Institute of India. She currently lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Blurb: Life is full of ups and downs accompanied by a range of emotions. Trust Me narrates the life of a young girl named Parvati, who moves to Mumbai with dreams of becoming a set designer of in the Mumbai Film Industry. Unrewarded love, infatuation, an abortion, a breakup, a cheating boss, and her resignation from work makes her disillusioned with life and the prospect of finding love. She resolves not to wear her heart on her sleeve and tries to work her way up the career ladder with newfound determination. Parvati joins the unit of Jambuwant Sinha (Jambo), to help him with his new film. Here, she finds Rahul, a struggling actor, who shamelessly never conceals his love for her despite her disinterest. Although he seems dull, she considers him a trustworthy friend. Trust is an eternal issue that most people are plagued with to some degree or the other. The author has delved into the issue of human boundaries with a simplicity that is profound.

Review: Not the regular chick lit type of story but a poorly written book with no memorable characters. It has the same old formula; Indian authors should elevate themselves by writing other things apart from sex, careless life and smoking, as if there is dearth of topics to write about. This novel is only for teenage people whose life is made hell by useless friends. There was no romance, as the publisher’s says this is a romantic comedy and mind you no comedy either. Total trash! I don’t know why these types of books are being encouraged to get published.

 Verdict: 1/5

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2 thoughts on “Trust me

  • November 18, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    I am not ruthless to chick lits and rom com, but the way they are written. Why cant female be depicted sophisticatedly instead of a sex maniac or a smoker. This what really bugs me towards these writers.

  • November 18, 2013 at 8:56 am

    Ur so ruthless to rom-com and I wonder ull tear ma rom-com apart:)

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