Hitched: The Modern Women and Arranged Marriage



Authored By Nandini Krishnan
Publisher Random House India
Publication Year 2013 August
Language English
Number of Pages 272 Pages

About the author: Nandini Krishnan is a journalist, playwright and humorist based in Chennai, which she still calls ‘Madras’. Her chief qualification for writing this book is that, for as long as she can remember, her mother has been taking her to weddings when she wasn’t in the mood to cook. Nandini’s chief motive for writing the book is the idea of being able to tell relatives who ask if she’s thought about marriage, ‘Marriage? Ha, I wrote the book on it!’ Her idea of an arranged marriage derived mainly from her family’s frantic—and failed— attempts to set her up with a ‘suitable prospect’ every time she was between boyfriends. That idea changed in the process of speaking to interviewees for this book.

Blurb: If you are an Indian woman and old enough to legally bear children, chances are that an overweight relative has asked you, while fondly stroking their pot belly, when am I going to eat at your wedding? As traditional matchmaking methods and Internet chat rooms come together to build matrimonial websites, our parameters have changed, but the time honoured practice of arranged marriage sticks. Hitched explores in depth the considerations matrimony should involve and the issues that can crop up at different stages of an arranged marriage.

Review: The book features stories of 16 women who chose the arranged-marriage route. The women featured in the book are from across the country, across religions, in various stages of marriage and belong to various professions. I liked reading the story of a woman who decides to go back to work after having two children. She had moved to Guwahati where her husband worked and went back to Delhi to resume her job. Her husband supported her move .The book also has the voices from men’s side as well.

Verdict: 4/5

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