Living Courageously


About the author: Lipa Rath is a certified spiritual counsellor, a therapist and a researcher. She holds self-transformation workshops and sessions in a very niche area for women above the age of thirty, those who have issues with relationships at home and at work. She has effectively worked in areas of human experience of “humiliation” or “shame”, “alienation”, “guilt”, “being vulnerable”, “being all tangled-up”, etc. Her expertise in making her clients from “feeling like a failure” or “not good enough”, to feel valuable and that they make a difference to the world. She lives in Gurgaon with her twenty-one-year-old daughter

Blurb: ‘Living Courageously’, written by Lipa Rath, is an inspirational book , which is deeply engaging and captivating. It captures real life experiences, personal struggle, hardships, problems and issues faced by the author herself. The author in her book has also skillfully weaved the valuable insights by world’s greatest philosophers, doctors, researchers, healers, masters and scientists. This is a book, which can be read and enjoyed by ruminating over the various chapters, aspects and fragrances of one’s life, till you can see your own life’s crystal emerge. One thing for sure, it daringly shows the strength of vulnerability, and how by facing it and accepting it one can gain courage to move on. And not by numbing it or somehow escaping it unresolved. This is a story of remarkable strength, inner resilience and deep gratitude.

Review: This is an inspirational book written with honesty and humility. Lipa Rath did not believe in God until she was shaken up by her elder sister’s sudden death. More trouble was to ravage her, hurtling her from one crisis to another. It was her discovery of spirituality that eventually gave her the strength to tackle life’s numerous problems. It was also her spiritual strength that made her forgive the man who tried to strangle her. Love and forgiveness, surrender to God, deep devotion, power of the mind, fear and negativity, health and happiness, will power, introspection, health, healing, affirmation, karma, spirit within, desires, death. A disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Lipa covers every aspect of life with a rare candor. The book talks about the courage that one needs to possess to overcome difficulties in life and the need to have faith in divine. It talks about how the university is a labyrinth and every one is a catalyst in it, connected to each other.

Verdict: 3/5

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