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Finally, finished reading ‘Baker’s Dozen’ by not one but 13 debut writers – Mira Sahgal, Ritwik Chakravarti, Preksha Kukreja, Akanksha Patra, Anahitha Sagar, Devashi Gulati, Nishta Sawhney, Ashank Khaitan, Aakriti Gera, Aashna Chauhan, Aishwarya Verma, Anandita Thakur, Jigyasa Nigam.

I have keen interest in short stories, so when I got the opportunity to read this book I didn’t want to miss it.  The book has 13 stories which bring forth a rich and varied banquet.  The short stories carry different background and era. Stories are, I would say, very interesting.

My favourite stories in this book are ‘The Stencil’ and ‘The Impasse’. They have very interesting end. ‘Friends for Friends’ is a typical story; the next narration in this was expected. I found its writing very childish and not so interesting. The title story ‘All that Glitters’ is a simple story, somehow insignificantly elaborated. The editing needed to be re-checked before the final print as there were spelling and grammatical errors. The book says ’13 extraordinary short stories’, but I found nothing extraordinary, except that the stories were too lengthy, did not suit ‘short stories’ properly.  I noticed some words used by these student authors were above their knowledge and I had to refer a dictionary. I wish the words were used according to the story.

Overall, considering the genre, for me, it was a nice and quick read! If you are interested in this genre, you should grab this book for a quick interesting read. I really liked the narration that manages to the hold the grip and compels the reader to finish the stories.

Verdict: 3/5

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  • December 4, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    If you like assorted stories than you can read this book 🙂

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