Be confident, not cocky

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There are an endless amount of characters in the workplace. I have experienced many types of people while working as an assistant editor in a publishing house.

Thereโ€™s the lady you find in the loo most of the time, always on a diet and commenting on your weight. The guy who shows off way his money. The girl who uses office phone for her personal calls. And the dreaded over-talker who never gets the hint that he’s such a big bore.

We all play roles in our workplaces, many of which are unique to only our office. But thereโ€™s a standard cast of characters as well. You can find varieties of them anywhere you go, but they all share the same skill sets. They are the ones who will succeed and the ones who will fail.

Anytime youโ€™re successful or experience something great in life or your career, I guarantee you that someone somewhere will doubt that you earned it the good โ€˜old hard-working way. That someone somewhere is the sore loser. A sore loser will think you got that deal because youโ€™ve got an important last name or your mom/dad has the biggest room in the office.

The Gullible One, The group thinker, The Fearful One, Apathetic One, Malicious Gossiper, The Apologizer – these are some of the types of people I have come across in my workplace.

I feel its not necessarily that we need to avoid such type of person(s).ย  I believe in not being this person. You are paid salary because they think youโ€™re worth it. My motto is simple – Be confident, not cocky. Then own the heck out of it. Your career depends on it.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th โ€“ 14th December 2013 and the theme is People.

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5 thoughts on “Be confident, not cocky

  1. vishalbheeroo

    The behavior traits I’ve seen and witness them in different work places. My current boss is one of them-irritating, prejudiced, arrogant and stupid. I prefer to ignore her and I shiver coz gotta face her everyday..I clench my anger…lolz

  2. subzeroricha

    But again if it wasn’t for these people we would not be half as entertaining ๐Ÿ˜€ where would we get our fun from?


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