Eve’s Tomb


Blurb: Vinamzi Lance, an Oxford graduate is shocked to hear about the murder of his Professor. He is more perplexed when he learns that the last message from the Professor is for him. However, the message turns out to be a code. Along with the Professor’s son Bruce, they embark on a frantic hunt through the Vatican and then to North America after the lost prophecy of Nostradamus. Retrieving the prophecy is not as easy as two great powers, the Church and the Virgins (a secret cult) embroil as they think it holds the destiny of the world.  Ironically all the intricate plotting of the Virgins and the Church turn to mayhem as they confront an adroit deception. Finally, the last hopes of saving the world from a nuclear disaster and the battle of the sexes are in the hands of Vinamzi and his friends. Will they be able to stop the destruction or will Eve’s tomb be a burial ground of them all.

Review: After reading the blurb the first thing I got in my mind – ‘Isn’t the author D R Hardian trying to be the Dan Brown with an Oxford graduate trying to crack codes with backdrop of Prophecy and Church’? It was the reason for me read this book completely. The cover of the book speaks a lot for the story –mystery which did stratagem me. The writing was simple. Racy plot made me finish the book in just 2days. The codes, main support of the story, for a surprise were rather abstract and the usual sort of symbols which says a lot about research done by the author. Despite simple writing, I felt the author has been hugely motivated by Dan Brown as his approach got reflected in it. I am a huge fan of Dan Brown and having read all his books, it’s easy to know his writing style. I wonder why he writer didn’t take the plot line to Saudi Arabia as the “Eve’s tomb” is actually present there? With no much logical flaws, I found many spelling mistakes which should have been taken care of prior to print. The plot was fine but I didn’t feel the need for so many characters. The story turned out to be a perfect thriller to my fondness, if you are interested to read Indianized version of Dan Brown writing than this is the book to read.


The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

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