Every Seventh Wave



It is the sequel to the novel Love Virtually. Readers of that first installment will know that we were left wondering what would happen with Emmi and Leo, two protagonists, at the end of that book. Once again Emmi and Leo are corresponding with each other via email. The format of the novel, written totally in emails just like the first book, is a very effective idea and it is very well executed by the author. The exchanges are very often short and fast, the conversation zipping back and forth; this makes for quick and dramatic reading. Without seeing each other’s faces, there is always room for misinterpretation and doubt; there’s a risk that one turn of phrase or sentence that is perhaps not quite clear in meaning could be misconstrued and thereby damage the bond that they share.

The words in the emails that Emmi and Leo exchange enable a strong impression of each of the two characters to form in the reader’s mind. I loved revisiting these two characters, and reading their exchanges once again; they are at times very witty and funny, at other times full of anxiety and uncertainty, and sometimes so beautiful and passionate, but always with that very strong emotional connection between them. I felt by turns sad, delighted, anxious, frustrated and more by the two of them as I read.

The author has created two characters with a strong dynamic between them that makes for compelling reading. The way the idea of what happens with ‘every seventh wave’ is incorporated into the story line is lyrical and apt. A word on the translation; it is beautifully done, I couldn’t fault it. If you read and enjoyed Love Virtually, I would definitely recommend reading Every Seventh Wave and continuing the journey alongside Emmi and Leo.


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