Round Ireland with A Fridge


Blurb: Have you ever made a drunken bet? Worse still, have you ever tried to win one? In attempting to hitchhike round Ireland with a fridge, Tony Hawks did both, and his foolhardiness led him to one of the best experiences of his life. Joined by his trusty traveling companion-cum-domestic appliance, he made his way from Dublin to Donegal, from Sligo through Mayo, Galway, Clare, Kerry, Cork, Wexford, Wicklow–and back again to Dublin. In their month of madness, Tony and his fridge met a real prince, a bogus king, and the fridge got christened. They surfed together, entered a bachelor festival, and one of them had sex without the other knowing. And unexpectedly, the fridge itself became a momentary focus for the people of Ireland.

About Author: Tony Hawks, is a British comedian and author, famous for his Quizotic travel accounts undertaking bizarre wagers with friends. Hawks performs stand-up comedy, and is a regular on TV and radio panel games in the UK, including I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, Just a Minute, The Unbelievable Truth and Have I Got News for You, although he first came to prominence as one of two resident performers — the other was Jo Brand — on semi-successful BBC monologue show The Brain Drain.

Review: I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t know what to expect from this book when I ordered it. I don’t read a whole lot of nonfiction, but when I was challenged to read it, I accepted it wholeheartedly and I don’t regret it. I’m so glad that British humour/comedy didn’t turn me off. This book is really funny with a terrific story. The touching tale of a man  (English comedian Tony Hawks ) and his fridge, who for a £100 bet, hitch-hikes around Ireland in 1 month with a fridge. This book reveals the good of people and the lengths they will go to help someone without any thought of rewards. The book provides details of the lives of all the people Tony encounters–in bars, hotels, tourists, at the radio station, the king of Tory. Tony writes about all these people in a personal way that allows us to see them not just read them. And in the course, Tony forms associations with all of them. I found the book, the story and the writing to be daring, bold, thought-provoking and very funny. Some readers will definitely choose to see it as only an enjoyable comedic read but for me it is really a lot more. It’s about a witty man who boards on something admittedly silly only to discover something much more meaningful connections with people, the randomness of life, challenges, obstacles, support, friendship, fun, frustration, self-knowledge and insight. And the country of Ireland and the Irish as never seen and experienced before.

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