Seduced by Murder

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Blurb: When detective Vishal Bajaj receives a call from his old flame Aditi, he is seduced into a vortex of family lies and a murder. Vishal sets out to catch the murderer, while dealing with the resurgence of an irresistible desire for Aditi that he had buried years ago. Vishal is a witty, hard drinking, tough private detective who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty as he races against time to catch a meticulous killer. Seduced by Murder weaves a web of noir and suspense that keeps the reader riveted and guessing till the end.

About the author: Saurbh Katyal works in the frenzied corporate world and manages to steal time to write while travelling for work. His most prolific writing happens in dingy cabs lit by street lamp-posts, cramped liquor joints inside terminals and long, monotonous flights. He has published short stories and also won an international short-story writing competition some years back. This is his first novel and has already won critical acclaim.

Review: I was sent a copy of Seduced by Murder by Saurbh Katyal for an honest review by the author himself. I finished reading it today and pending down the review right away. Now coming to the story, what took me by surprise was the climax. I did not expect the author would weave such a plot. For vary, an Indian writer did not attempt at boring page 3 stories but opted for thriller. The story had humour which was not extraneous but restrained. The book is so handy with less than 300 pages. I liked Saurbh’s writing which was very clear and did not confuse anywhere. I like fast moving stories and this definitely was one of it. All the characters in the story are well written, it remains a secrecy who is the murderer, creating tensions towards the climax. The story has been skilfully written so that the offender is exposed only in the end and not before. I enjoyed reading as mystery genre is my personal choice and the author was successful in making me hooked to the book right from page 1 till the end. If you like mysteries, this book serves your purpose well. I hope Saurbh Katyal comes up with more of Vishal series.


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