About the author: Pratik Kamat is a writer and an artist. He started his career as a music correspondent for youth magazines before switching to advertising. He currently works as a creative writer for a leading advertising agency in Mumbai.

Blurb: An apocalyptic event catapults a teenage girl and a devout man into a war that threatens humanitys existence. His unwavering faith leads him on a terrifying path of destruction. Her brush with death leads her to discover her true destiny. A team of Somali pirates unearths an ancient weapon, setting in motion a devious plan by a religious Dravidian cult. Nadar, the devout man, follows the high priests every command, putting his life at stake and testing his faith at every turn. In Mumbai, a reckless young teen crashes her bike in a suicidal stunt-only to be saved miraculously by an unknown man on a mission of his own. Slash must come to terms with her true destiny and be the force to take on the great evil released upon mankind. The stage is set for a battle of epic proportions as a demon from the past rises and threatens to wipe out the world. Armed with and ultimately divided by, only their belief, who will transcend the supernatural, the corrupt and the powerful to restore the delicate balance of nature? Svaha is a gripping thriller featuring characters from Indias mythological past, its political present and the uncertain future.

Review: I am not a huge fan of mythological heroes but Pratik Kamat’s Svaha dealt with the same genre in a different manner which could make me complete the book in a short span of time. Svaha attempted with the Indian mythological characters sketching them as modern superheroes fighting villains to save the humanity and the world from their clutches. The author’s narration is brittle and free of unwanted details, did not feel like I am reading a debutant. I liked that the chapters are short, which are easy to read. The characterization of both protagonist and antagonist are well written. The story has some of the best surprising twists. It shows the efforts the author has taken to write the best. The world of Svaha is divided into 2- humans and super naturals. These two are connected by a unknown portal which few egocentric plan to misuse to spoil the earth, and only a 19 year old reckless young teenager Slash, helped by a mythological superhero Soldier X can prevent all this. In all this comes Major Khanna of FORCE ONE, Paramacharya of the Trimbak math, The Council and The Deus Corp with their own missions. I found few free strings, a few questions unanswered here and there; I think the author is working on a sequel. Svaha will definitely lead the Indian mythological heroes’ genre, and I wish Pratik good luck for his future books.

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