Batman: The Dark Knight Returns


Blurb: Ever since Batman retired a decade ago, Gotham City has only slipped deeper into disorder and debauchery. with his city needing him desperately, could Batman stay retired? Returning to trample the evil mutant gangs that have overtaken his beloved city, Batman, aka 55-year-old Bruce Wayne, along with Carrie Kelly, an adolescent, female version of Robin, combats his deadliest enemies, The Joker and Two-Face for one last time. But this time he must also battle his former friend, Superman and the battle promises to throw up only one survivor. Written superbly and illustrated superlatively, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns does ample justice to the well-known character-beyond-comic-books, Batman. While reinventing such a popular character, the author of this volume, which is a collection of 4 comic issues, has taken care to keep the myth surrounding Batman intact. Not only does this book has a compelling story but also it boasts of excellent artwork that sometimes borders on the psychotic and claustrophobic.

About the author: Frank Miller (born January 27, 1957) is an American writer, artist, and film director best known for his dark comic book stories and graphic novels such as Ronin, Daredevil: Born Again, The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300. He also directed the film version of The Spirit, shared directing duties with Robert Rodriguez on Sin City, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and produced the film 300. He is also known for creating the comic book character Elektra.

Review: I am a comic book reader since school times and I was happy when I was given comic book Frank Miller’s Dark Knight for this month’s book challenge. Frank Miller’s story is of tragic heroism and social commentary. His Batman is larger-than-life, suffering hero, with many flaws and obsessions. Miller plays with the comic book universe beautifully, there exists a super-hero. Batman’s argument with Superman in this graphic novel is sneakily conceived battle in comic book record. Superman has this compromised good-guy view and Batman is the demoniac fixation. Miller’s creation of Dark Knight is real tale of Heroes and Madmen, exciting from start to finish. The book has many new cameos, a new Robin, a new Commissioner. Frank Miller has published here a brilliant novel, fit for movie adaption. By the end author has made us experience a story that explains obsession, public perception, conscience, mortality, and what it truly means to be a hero better than any psychology textbook could. It is worthy to add in the graphic novel or literature category of book collections.

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