Three Faced Coin

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About the author: Bhalindra Singh is a banker turned management consultant turned author. He has completed his B.Com from Punjab University. Post that, he has done his MBA from IIM Indore in 2008. He has also played professional cricket for over 6 years. He is happily married to Aditi and has a daughter, Seerat.

Blurb: “We are moving back to India” Leaving a highly successful corporate career, Zubien convinces his wife Mehak to move back to India where he could concentrate on his long awaited dream of becoming an author. They move to a town near Dehradun chosen for its serenity. However, the house they buy has a history of its own. A few days after moving in, Mehak hears some noise from the attic. And soon, they realize that the noise was only the first of their worries! Zubien and Mehak meet Adeeb and in a chain of events, their anticipation of a tranquil life is shot to pieces! What makes Zubien resort to even shooting Adeeb, a person he has barely known for a few weeks? What secrets has Adeeb been holding with him? Is he the person he says he is? Or is there something more to him than meets the eye? Can one person be at two different places at the same time? Does déjà vu exist?

Review: Unfortunately this book has all the qualities of a bad book. There is careless editing, lack of a hard story and comparatively deprived setting up of the diverse plot points in the story. As the blurb states, the book begins with a relatively well-settled couple Zubien and Mehak deciding to move back to India from the US, with Zubien deciding to author a novel. They settle down in a small sleepy town Welham near Dehradun when their troubles begin. They stumble upon Adeeb, a mysterious man who has made the attic of their neighboring house his home and learn his sad story. A Three Faced Coin lets your mind race exploring endless possibilities but in a boring way (atleast for me). The story has paranormal activities and parallel universes and strange happenings. Zubien and Mehak find themselves in the midst of a full-fledged mystery waiting to be uncovered, but not before they run into the strangest of people and equally mystifying coincidences.  Though I appreciate the author for a relatively unique storyline but I found few things very longwinded and go into needless details such as poker games, cricket matches and gambling. The author completely lost my interest with this which was very unconvincing for me. I wished I could miss this book but I had to read it to know how it ended. Not a must read sort of, can be given a miss.

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

Author: Novemberschild

I write a lot, which keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. There is always something to write about, always a new story to craft. Not writing, for me, is like trying to hold back a sneeze. Learning to write was the most powerful influence in my life. I can still remember the awe I felt when I realized I could put real words onto paper and tell out a story. From that first ‘a-ha’ moment I knew I wanted to write.

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