The Rise of the Setting Sun- Story of an Ordinary Indian



About the author: Prof. Suvasish Mukhopadhyay is a faculty of Civil Engineering in an Engineering College of Pune. He has more than twenty four years of teaching experience. Writing and love for English literature are his hobbies from which he couldn’t separate himself. Understanding the students’ Psychology and human psychology are his inherent qualities which helped this technical person to author books on self-help genre and motivation. He is associated with big bodies like YASHADA, NITTTR, CWPRS, NCCTC and NWA.  Prof. Mukhopadhyay delivered innumerable lectures to different corporate houses like TCS, MIDC, CMC Ltd and various institutes. He is in the panel of experts of many universities, Government Organizations and private organizations. His books received reviews from eminent journals and news papers. The book entitled Motivating School Kids is a national best seller of VIVA BOOKS.

Blurb: Eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, 2,000 hours a year and top of it a hefty package which will let you pay for that Tissot watches, platinum jewelry, and classy S-class Mercedes but what if it wouldn’t paint a smile on your face and leave you feeling content at the end of the day. Would you like to spend next 25 years of your life doing something that does not excite you? This book is nothing but the candid story of an ordinary engineering student Animesh who is frustrated with the wrong vocation imposed on him by his family. It captures the struggles, tears, emotions, stress, problems and issues faced by the protagonist himself. The book beautifully covers different phases of Animesh’s life from childhood to manhood. Animesh being a scholar placed in a wrong vocation. It talks of Animesh’s quest for teaching and how he dares to take the road less travelled instead of the well – beaten path. In all of this Asmita, the wife of Animesh had to struggle enormously for his stubborn nature. With this book, the author wants to guide the generations to come and awaken the dormant talent within them which is in deep slumber due to lack of counseling.

Review: “The Rise of the Setting Sun” is a story of an ordinary engineering student named Animesh. The book centres on selection of his wrong professional subject, civil engineering, of which he is uncared of. It further talks about the misguidance he gets, his struggle, emotions, stress, tears, fears, insecurities. The joys and happiness of the protagonist comes only at the climax of the story. The life of Animesh is just that of a run of the mill Indian’s life burdened with middle class requirements.  Having nothing to do except to study, Animesh turns into a brilliant student from an academically dire performer. I found this book to be gloomy and large. The first half of the book talks about Animesh’s life which details his kicks and qualms. The language, arrangement in the book gives us a creep glance into the testing and troubles of what a normal person goes through in very usual state of affairs like he experiences. Animesh describes his life as hell with an under the weather mother, who loses her life to dearth, a father wedged working as a clerk with his unfilled desires to join the civil services, and a brother brought up by his maternal family always hanging around as an aggressive thwart to Animesh. Nonetheless, the comfort he finds in books is incredible, that trades in his future making him academically strong. The twist comes in Animesh’s life when he realises that learning is a useless hunt unless the outlay in that guides to a money minting job. That’s how Animesh yields to the charms of engineering without any actual love towards the subject. It is only in the conclusion when finally he receives what he wants – his choice of subject and a quandary with it. The book gives a message of what to do and what not do in your life. Sometimes I felt as if I was reading a self-help book on motivation, but the way the author handled the subject it made it into fiction without making the reader bored. The book covered all the phases of the protagonist’s life from childhood to manhood in an honest and open way.  Easy to read, with many sentiments, I would suggest this book to all readers for an honest heart story.

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