Rise of the Grey Prince




Review: Rise of the Grey Prince, is the second book of the trilogy called The Saga of Agni which throw us in a world of fantasy, with an indifferent story written to astonish, scare and lure readers where the supernatural goes in hand with realism. The story is about Agni, and his moving world of secrets. He fights with evil that terrorizes his being and that of his family when he comes to know the reason behind his father’s sacrifice. He endears over the foe of the present, for which he knows that his journey has just begun. Yani had an option to bear with the other prince and walk the ruins of his honour gripped by the glimpse of reality in spiteful games of ancient powers had led him to a truth. Such is the world of Gaya, and thus shall be the way up of the grey prince among the shadows of wickedness and a separate twinkle of expectation with a climate of nervousness and secrecy setting the central character and the reader. The story pushes the reader to read till last page until you get to read till the climax of the story that has been well written without too many trappings and twists.  I liked author’s narration. The overall writing was good and I found something unique in it, which really pulled off this small book of 200 pages into a quick read with enjoyment. I felt like I was reading a childhood fairy tale. It is fictional story where the writer mixed fantasy with horror. With no big words/sentences, it is an easy read for anyone. What I liked the most is that the author could wrap the vaporous atmospheres with side by side of magic and mystery unfolds at a strong swiftness all through the story. The approach and procedure of the novel has captured the attention of the readers competently unfolding the scenes, characters and the story.


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