Story of Tublu

About the Author : Jahid Akhtar is a software developer by profession. He was born and brought up in Assam and resides in Bangalore with his wife Anjali and their little daughter, Jia. Jahid enjoys writing about some unforgettable moments, in his blog titled Flashbacks.

Blurb: Devastated by floods, Bipin and his little boy Tublu move to a faraway land, where they meet the Sharmas. This marks the beginning of a long and enduring relationship between Bipin and the Sharmas and the growing friendship of their children Tublu and Maina. The story has its share of drama, that entertains, humour that makes one reminisce, love, friendship and emotions that define the amazing journey that is, life.

Review: Story of Tublu is a story of a boy who hails from a village in Assam written by blogger Jahid Akhtar and he mentions in the acknowledgment section of his book, that blogging made him develop this beautiful habit of writing. I am a regular reader of his blog Flashbacks, and it is easy for me to understand how in accord the name is with the substance of his blog. I liked the tagline which reads, the book is about “an amazing journey called life”. The setting of the story is located in the late eighties, in Assam. After losing everything in the floods, Bipin and his son Tanmay also called Tublu, reach the house of Sharma’s in search of refuge. The Sharma’s provided them shelter and also helped in making the father and the son capable as much as necessary to turn into self-dependent. The relationship between the Sharma’s and Bipin-Tublu turn crucial for each other. Life keeps on oblique through time but this doesn’t end the connection between them. During the course of time, Tublu gets a soft corner for Maina, Mr. Sharma’s daughter but he never reveals his love to her. With time and year passing through, as both of them grow up and experience the vast expanse of life outside their town, life shapes itself another way for them. Happiness and friendship, takes new turns but Tublu’s love for Maina doesn’t change. Other characters of the story – Maina, her brother Paplu, Mr. Sharma, and Bipin, have been given written properly. Though like a guest appearance the character of Shilpa is strong and engaging. It was fun reading the chapters of Tublu’s college life, his studies and mischief’s. The language is simple and the plot had no unanticipated twists. There were little grammatical errors; I wish the editor had been more careful.

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve

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