Blurb: How can you love a person to an extent where you no longer differentiate between yourself and the one you love? One promise changes the life of Mithraveera forever. She loses Mithra to Veera in the process of becoming the first woman warrior of her time. When life takes away everything from her, Dhruva walks into her life. He keeps Mithra alive. Their unfathomable bond defies fate. Dhruva is fighting his own battle with the demons of his past. A warrior turned scholar suddenly appears in their life to find answers and demystify life. Or does he complicate it further? Shaurya is a ruthless and charming prince. He sets his eyes on the dove-eyed Veera during one of his adventures. Nevertheless he stays away from her, though his heart is in the throes of burning passion. But one looming invasion forces him to face Veera in a duel. We make sacrifices in life, but what if that one sacrifice is not ours to make? Will Shaurya be able to fight against the love of his life? Will Dhruva ever let go of Veera? What happens to Mithraveera? Who will win this duel of love?

Review: The cover of the book depicting the elements of fire and water and a golden bow and arrow, gave me an impression that this is going to be an interesting read but I did not find anything new in the story line. The writing method of author Sahana L was appreciatable. Just in few pages she would weave magic with words but overall I did not find it to be a page turner. I wanted to stop the book in between and close it but to attempt this review I forced myself to read it till end. I think story theme for this year is the all about kings/wars as I have read enough of mythological genre. Mithra is no different too, it is the story of kings, queens, princes and princesses with their warriors who sacrifice for sake of royalty. There are three main characters – Veera, the female warrior, Dhruva, the male warrior and Shaurya, the charming cruel prince. It is a love triangle set in clashes and conflicts with all characters experiencing private chaos and encountering many emotions of love, responsibility and surrender. The book has spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, which could have avoided by the editor. Mithra by Sahana L. is a very difficult one time read according to me. The book did not give me any happy feel. The story was boring and sometimes too lengthy and over written. To some extent I felt the narration was good in some chapters. I would recommend this to anyone who likes stories about kings and wars this can be relishing read for them.

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

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