Dear Wife, Your Husband Is Not a Superhero


Blurb: The book encompasses 14 different heart touching episodes with simple narration. These are partly based on true stories about individual experiences. A must book for people to turn ‘wedding’ into ‘successful marriage.

Authored By: Santosh Avvannavar , Jacob Monsy , Ruchita Kumar Shah

Review: The book comprises of 14 situation based stories of couples where they tangled into different problems and their search for those solutions so that their marriages are not broken off. Every story ends with a note (read as solution) to those problems. The stories deal with problems such as single parenthood, divorce, lack of love between husband and wife, compatibility problems. These problems are often heard between couples. The stories are short and I completed reading the book in one hour. The cover spells humor so did the content but I should make a point that the book has many grammatical and typographical errors, the editor should have re-checked them.

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