Neglected Poems


Neglected Poems is a collection of 60 beautiful poems weaved by the poetic pen of Gulzar. After the success of his first collection of poems, titled Selected Poems, Gulzar presents a collection of 60 more poems through his book Neglected Poems, a translated version authored by Pavan Varma. Gulzar’s compelling writing makes readers take a look at their lives in a deeper way. Through the poems in this book, he explores major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New York. He also takes a fresh philosophical take on human relationships and the psychological impact that they have on people when they end. Gulzar also focuses on the themes of nature and day-to-day life in this collection of poems. The translation of Gulzar’s work from Urdu to English is sure to delight people with a love for beautifully constructed verses. He is known for his trademark style and the translated version doesn’t take the sheen away from the original verses. 

The book consists of the original version in Hindi followed by an English version. Though I personally do not prefer the translated version, it extends the boundaries of cultural knowledge and helping out at times when stuck with a word or phrase. Like any other translations the translation has taken the edge off, giving the reader a feeling of having read simple anecdotes with beautiful similes and metaphors. The first poem is about his daughter Meghna. There are poems written on places (Gujrat, Mumbai, Chennai etc). There are poems about rains (Monsoon Symphony, When it Rains etc). The book has a typical Gulzar touch. When you read his poems you wonder if he is from somewhere else. No one can absolutely see the world the way he does. Don’t miss this book.

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  • July 20, 2015 at 11:26 pm

    Poetry is best enjoyed in its original form. Translations take away the taste.

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