Jesus Lived in India


The author talks about how Jesus might have traveled across the trade corridors of the past that connected the West with the East. Through a series of narratives picked from tales across different countries like Turkey, Afghanistan and so on, the author shows how Jesus, Yesu, Isa and so on were one and the same. This is all convincing evidence that does show how Jesus might have truly walked these lands and been part of the life over there in the past. The author gets to also talk about how Jesus traveled to India, to either gain wisdom or impart wisdom (things get confusing in the author’s perspective here) and reached Kashmir, lived there and possibly traveled far and wide within India too. This is all possible except that the stories the author collects to explain Jesus’s presence would rather be classified as folk tales that many modern, educated historians will blindly dismiss. The biggest disappointment for me was however that the tales of Jesus in India is ridiculously very limited. In a very sequential description of a set of events, the author shows the strong parallel between the teachings of the Buddha, his disciples and those of Jesus. So, the rest of the book is about detailing  how the shroud of Turin was indeed that of Jesus Christ and his blood stains were suffered as part of the elaborate punishment that the spiritual leader truly endured.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus Lived in India

  • July 15, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Yeah, I have trouble with the whole Jesus in India thing. The Gospels have him pretty busy in Israel for 33 years. Besides I doubt Wisdom incarnate needed to seek any wisdom from the Buddha.

  • July 15, 2015 at 8:28 am

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    Yeah I can’t buy the whole Jesus in India thing. The gospels keep him pretty busy in Israel and I doubt wisdom incarnate needed to seek any out from the Buddha.

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