Blurb: “Legacy is set in post Independent India, and weaves together the stories of  Darshan and Anita, ambitious rural teenagers from Bihar; Darshan’s father Shankar, an RSS supporter from a freedom fighter family; and Subhash, the son of the protagonists. Darshan, proud resident of an exotic village, is inspired to leave his adventurous hostel life to join the student movement of 1975 under the firebrand Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan. Grounded in an Anglo Indian village during the repressive Emergency, he falls in love with his free-spirited senior Anita. Wading through teenage love and exciting college adventures of 1970s Delhi, they forsake education on JP s death to explore Bihar. Disgusted by the traumatic Sikh riots and saddened by his father s death, Darshan finds a guide in a swami rumoured to be Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. While fate turns Anita into a Naxal strategist, Darshan, seeking solace, turns into an acclaimed mystery healer. The old love sparks again while violent communal events keep shocking India. Sadly, Anita forsakes the world of Maoist violence and hypocritical civil society, sending their five-year-old son Subhash away. The estranged son, now an adult, tries to fathom his parents lives and unfulfilled dreams while an exhausted yet optimistic Darshan entrusts the baton of social revolution to the next generation. Legacy shows how the chaotic story of 1960s to 1990s India gave rise to real heroes, though flawed in their own ways. While we keep looking for ways to improve the lives of our fellow beings, the boundary between a hero and a criminal often fades.

About the author: “Mohan Prasad was born in a small village of Bihar adjacent to the river Baghmati. He grew up to be the Bihar ICSE topper and went to graduate from IIT Delhi and IIM Lucknow. His love for Indian as well as world history, culture and human stories led him to explore evolution of societies and revolutionary movements across the world. The only village boy in his MBA class at IIM Lucknow, he has fortunately experienced firsthand two different Indias with their similarities and differences. He has been a regular contributor to print media through articles on Education sector, where he has worked for four years. He has been associated with Manisha Mandir, Lucknow a home for destitute girls and has also been awarded twice by the Governors of Uttar Pradesh for his social services. With a reading habit bordering on crazy, Mohan delved deeper into Indian history – post and pre Independence. He now wants to present the story of India to a curious new generation with a fresh and interesting perspective through inspiring tales of young and ambitious individuals. “

Review: I congratulate the writer, Mohan Prasad, for his efforts to write this book. Firstly let me write that if you are expecting Legacy to be cheesy story, by an aspiring writer which has highlights of your own crush or love story than this is not that book. I found this book to be a test of imaginations with lots of complications. The love story built on the backdrop of India after independence, keeps the reader engaged till the end. History, romance, sacrifice, learning and wisdom everything is covered well in this story. I liked the lucid writing which reached a form of poetry at certain places. Post Independent India is well detailed in this book. History with fiction is an amazing combination. I highly recommend this book to each and all and especially to those who would like to read and get a glimpse of socio-political history of post-independence India just like how can text book gives.

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