Paradise Lost & Regained


Blurb: “Whispered the forest & its trees, Little deer, tell us your story again. Smiled I & asked, What will you gain hearing it time & again? Replied the forest at once, It is not just a story of a deer, but of we all forest, earth, sky, trees, wind and river. It is a testimony to trust, love, hope & courage that we will all remember for ages. With a smile, again I began to narrate my story, which breathed my love, fear, success, failure & glory. It spanned from my birth in the forest to human captivity, from where I escaped to explore life s other possibility. Everywhere and every moment I received help from Nature, & it taught me to experience life from closer. I learnt that the other name of life is Mystery, and that it is beautiful with all its unknown twists and unpredictability. Once I finished my narration, the forest was throbbing with life, there prevailed only peace, silence & joy, and no strife. Name your story, breathed the forest and every living entity it contained. Thought I for a while and replied… Paradise Lost & Regained.

About the author: Ratnadip is a well-trained street magician and has demonstrated his skill to many across the country. A NIT Jamshedpur graduate, Ratnadip lives in Mumbai where he works as an Electrical Engineer. He contributed many inspirational write-ups in different collections of Chicken Soup for the Soul. In December 2012 his first novel, Life is Always Aimless ….Unless You Love it was published and was received well by the readers across the country. Being deeply interested in life, Nature and its mysteries, this time Ratnadip has come up with a storyline the like of which has hitherto not been told. It is about a little deer growing up in a far-flung deep forest, teeming with its fellow deer, other animals, trees and rocks. Yet we can all find ourselves in this strange and surreal world that Ratnadip has created in this inspirational novel Paradise Lost & Regained.

Review: After so many years I have read a novel in which a little deer is the protagonist. Tales about life and through animals and the teachings they gave to us were very useful were passed on through childhood stories usually told by the grandparents. I felt the same thing when I read Ratnadip’s ‘Paradise Lost & Regained where it is the story of a deer whose life teaches many lessons silently. Though the fact remains that this is not a tiny tale, fantasy tale, nursery fable or a page of Jataka tale. The genre was really unusual. For a change it was not romance, horror and mythology or chick lit, but the book did not appeal to me personally. I read it for the sake of reading. I would suggest this book to anyone who wants to read something different from the usual genres and experiment his/her reading style. I appreciate author’s efforts in writing this book – the imagination of world from a Deer’s eye, its kick of living, its dreams and hopes of life. I found a few unwanted elongates in the story that tested my patience of reading. It created repetitiveness in a few places. I like reading only lengthy thrillers, but this book is of a totally new variety made it a real uninteresting read for me. I wish the book was 50-75 pages lesser. The story of Paradise Lost & Regained was interesting in the first few pages, after that it turned dull for me. It was definitely a forced read for me but after I finished reading despite no love, no friendship, no drama, no horror, it had emotions of a deer. This is my first time read of author Ratnadip, I found his writing good with inducing descriptions about life and environment, but I wish he would have opted to write fiction.

Author: Novemberschild

I write a lot, which keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. There is always something to write about, always a new story to craft. Not writing, for me, is like trying to hold back a sneeze. Learning to write was the most powerful influence in my life. I can still remember the awe I felt when I realized I could put real words onto paper and tell out a story. From that first ‘a-ha’ moment I knew I wanted to write.

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