Our Heritage Revisited : A glimpse into ancient Indian texts


Blurb: Ever wondered what is in the Veds and the Upanishads. The terms Shruti, Smriti, Agam, Nigam, Advait, Vedant philosophy to name a few have been heard – but what exactly are these? This book attempts to bring all of this and more in a quick-read for an overall perspective, a birds eye-view so to say which would also help you delve deeper if you are so interested. It is a simple book in the nature of a primer. It is meant for the comparitive novice who is keen to get an overview of our amazing ancient scriptures but might have found existing books too voluminious. This tip-of-the-iceberg reading is sure to engross and enthral you with the knowledge and the philosophy we had in ancient India.

Review: I received the book from the author herself for a review. The book can be called as handbook on Hindu scriptures. This is one of my best non-fiction reads of this year. I found that this book gives an overview of the entire body of Hindu religious books in simple way. I found out the real meaning of several terms that we take for granted such as Puran or tantra ved and upanishad. It is an enlightening guide on Indian religion. The presentation of the book is very in depth highlighting the important points and expanding them in a manner that is easy to understand. The narration of the book is in a simple language. The author has managed to bring together such amazing information on the topic of the book given the exhaustive amount of research resulting into a perfect book like this. I found few typing, grammar errors along with print, where the pages had been printed upside down. It is incredible how much was written in our past and about so many varied subjects. Being just 135 pages I could finish it soon. I liked reading about Sa`mhita, Aranyak and Brahman literature, Panini and Nirukta, the Vedic lexicon and the Vedic philosophy. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is an Indian trying to understand your own culture, or a foreigner who is enamoured by India’s heritage, this book is a must read.

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