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About the author: Navya Jain is a poet and author whose debut publication is a poetry collection titled ‘Arcane Rhapsodies’. Brought up in Delhi, India, she earlier worked as an HR Manager and is now pursuing her lifelong ambition of writing. Through her poetry, she explores mysterious characters and circumstances, woven together with a dash of mythology and folklore. Navya usually spends her days exploring old and new worlds, expressing herself on her blog ( and her Facebook page, Random Musings. Her twitter handle is @wolviefan. She can also be found enjoying the company of her hyperactive Labrador, Bella or savouring a hot cup of tea.

Blurb: ‘Arcane Rhapsodies’ weaves together some known and some unknown folklore, myths and legends from around the world.This collection of short stories(in verses) takes the reader back and forth in time, in and out of fables, open to the reader’s own interpretation.  Henry, a renowned playwright sets out in search of inspiration for his verses. Explore with him, the dark and the light, the seen and the unseen, the imagination and the reality that surrounds us and occasionally binds us. Sometimes there is more than meets the eye, so watch out and don’t hold back as you embark on Henry’s adventure that is bound to leave you thrilled.

Review: Arcane Rhapsodies by Navya Jain merges unexplained myths, legends and folklore from the world in this book of stories in verses form. This book is about Henry, dramatist who sets out in hunt of inspiration for his verses. The narrative in verses concealed in prose in short stories of different environments are very pleasant to read. Every stories immerses in the scene. The description has all the details, the situations, of smells and noises. The writing is direct and very effective. The short stories are very intense. There are pretty thoughts, reflections of nature in narrative ideas -fast and short, to bizarre, comical and ironic, sad and melancholic, or tragic. The stories give in the details of a world that let you explore the dynamics stay behind in the environment, giving way to untold new stories. The idea of developing this story with a backdrop story, with irregular separate stories has been a great read.

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

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    Thanks for sharing such an encouraging review for my debut publication. It really means a lot. Glad to have come across your blog through the review, exploring about now 🙂

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