Age of Apostasy : Knife Edge

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Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha’ – Dharma protects those who protect it, so goes the saying from Manusmriti. A aphorism, considered an ideal way of life for a human. But in a age where the quest for survival presents a greater challenge, ethics and loyalty have become mere cursory references in the lives of people, in this world it becomes hard to define Dharma. A disillusioned general caught between his loyalty for his country and the cost of that loyalty. An assassin stuck in the past, hoping for a way to escape it. A warrior desperately trying to gain the respect of his benefactor. And an ancient enemy, re-emerging, hoping to right old wrongs. This is age of suffering and conflict, an age of Apostasy and humanity stands on a knife edge.

It is a mythological story where epic battles happened between truth and lie, where the supernatural forces help the protagonist to win this battle. The book gives us the glimpse of India during the sixth century way before than Kali Yuga. The author’s writing is captivating and could successfully keep the readers engaged into the storyline by many events and battle scenes. The writing is fast with some meaningful philosophy, it pushes away the reader to think about all those. I liked the narration. Despite being a long book, I hardly found any errors. Mythological stories don’t interest me but this was something different.

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