Chasing Illusions


About the author: Utakarsh Jayant, 24, is an engineer, from DCE, now pursuing MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. After his graduation he started working with ‘Bristlecon ‘ in Noida. He worked here for three years and used to travel all the way to Noida from Dwarka. He utilized his travelling time in weaving the story. Besides, writing and academics, Utakarsh is a diehard football fan. His favourite football club is Chelsea. He even went to Rio de Janeiro to watch world cup. He is also managing his own blog - last five years.

Review: Utakarsh has recently created a buzz by publishing his first book ‘Chasing Illusions.’ The book is the story of an honest, but befuddled young man’s growth in the hazy real-estate sector of Delhi. Set against the backdrop of the rapidly changing social and economic scenario in villages of the National Capital Region during the early 2000’s. It relates about his struggle under the omnipresent shadow of corruption, deceit, and swindling at various levels of politics and society in developing India. It speaks of his ultimate metamorphosis into an unscrupulous, cheating, and bullying goon, blind to right or wrong. The author Utakarsh has definitely made an impression in my mind, though it took me 2months to read his book. The writer has beautifully explored the various relations which the protagonist shares with people around him. Though the author is a debutant, he has managed well to keep the reader glued to the story. Despite it is a fiction story, the author has written hard hitting realities in it. It was a new change to read a book based on real estate business. The story goes like Ajay lives with his parents in Bagbola. Confused about what to do in life, he falls in love with his neighbor’s girl. To give direction to his confused son, Ajay’s father pleads his friend Ramu Kaka to let Ajay work under him in his real estate business. After working sometime, Ajay finds interest in this field but soon realises that Ramu Kaka was indulged in fraudulent activities. Time passes, he moves ahead in his life with his own business as a real estate agent. Will he be able to live an honest life or the evil of greed will take him under its shadow? Read, the book Chasing Illusions to know what happens with Ajay and his journey as a real-estate agent. If you want to read something different, this book is a must. Goodluck to Utakarsh for his next book.

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    I have checked and corrected your name. I hope it is all in order now. Please check it.

  • November 27, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    Thanks for writing that glowing review. Loved it 🙂

    However there is one correction. I spell my name as utAkarsh Jayant.

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    Thanks for writing that glowing review. Loved it 🙂

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