About the author:  Capt Kunal Narayan Uniyal studied at St. Thomas College, Dehradun and joined the merchant navy  as Trainee Navigational Officer at 18. He has been a keen debater and theatre enthusiast, winning accolades for his performance in plays like- Shakuntala ki Anguthi , Kagaz  ki Katrane Andha Yug, etc. Serving in the capacity of Captain , Kunal  holds a Master Mariner License. He was felicitated by the House of Life in France, Nautical Institute, London Seminar in New Delhi and was nominated for Sailors Today award in 2014 in Exemplary Personal Achiever Category. Sailor by profession and poet by passion, his first book  of poems Kuch Khwaab Sagar Se (Hindi) published in 2014 received international recognition. Kunal’s poems have been translated into French and can be read in  Le Moineau Dans Le Miroir.

Review:  Unanswered is my 2nd book which I have read written by Capt Kunal Narayan Uniyal. It consists of poems and prose and I consider it as spiritual text more than a normal book.  The poems are deep and beautiful and the prose which related though not in sync but as I read further I found them in flow with the earlier content. Initially when I started reading it on my IPad, I took it to be another poetry book as I was wrong.  The text (I would not use the word book for it) has wider scope as I kept reading it. It kept me reading for 2 days and I don’t regret it. It is definitely one of the best reads of this year. For me it was a very satisfying read. Unanswered – title of the text gave me a feeling of something being mysterious or the unknown. I read the preface in which the author Kunal mentioned that Unanswered is all about recounting his truth moments which he has experienced in his life. That usually counts for an autobiography but this text is far off from being one. It is difficult to put this text in any genre. It is not to be taken as a self help, it is more than that. The question is does ‘Unanswered’ provide solutions to the problems of human beings or does it show the way to solve them? The poems and prose were too depth and asks for an analytical understanding. What I felt after completing the text ‘Unanswered’, that through this author Kunal has tried to offer his opinions on the problems we human beings face, instead of giving their solutions. The learnings’ mentioned in ‘Unanswered’ are from the Gita and the Vedas, Yama-Nachiketa Samvad and Kathoupanishad which has huge cites and authority on the entire text.  Words – Maya, Life, Death, Soul, Morality, Religion or Dharma and Ego, are from these Hindu holy scripts. Apart from the indication of the Gita and the Vedas, I could get to read references of Rabindranath Tagore, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Bertrand Russell in the text. The writing of author Kunal has improved from his earlier what I had read, few months back. He has been blessed to write poetry with a calming work of words and formation. At times I found the prose to be very lengthy but in the manner it has been written and handled by author Kunal, it needs appreciation. I personally have a liking towards ancient scripts and references from ancient Vedic texts such as Vedas and Upanishads fascinates me for it makes an interesting reading. I am not much into poetry but this book is definitely a keeper for life time and I would like to read it again and I highly recommend it to all who would want a precious count to their brains first and then to their collection. I wish author Kunal goodluck for his forthcoming books and I really look forward to read them. Thank you author Kunal for considering me to read and review your text – ‘Unanswered’.

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  • December 26, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    What a beautiful and in depth review of the book. Choice of words have been excellent in doing so. Wish to get my more books reviewed through your good self.

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