About the book: An assertive and idealistic Princess Abhaya meets the enigmatic Krishna Vaasudeva. A bereaved Dhatri, hounded by her own family is saved by Lord Bhauma. When subverted religion becomes a tool in the hands of power thirsty and strikes Bharatavarsha, the land of Aryas, Abhaya finds herself face to face with the impending doom.  “Can we combat the fear with faith? Can we keep our faith undeterred when the last traces of hope melt away? Can we receive blame and adulation, accept them and yet not give in to them?”

About the author:  Saiswaroopa Iyer is an IITian and Venture Capital professional turned author.

Review: It is one of my book reading resolutions of 2016 to read a book out of my comfort zone and complete it fully. Debutante author – Sai Swaroopa’s “Abhaya” is that book. Abhaya is a fantasy novel set in ancient India, in the era of Mahabharata. We get introduced to many fictional set of characters in this. The story is about Abhaya, a young princess of the fictional city of Anagha, located in the borders of powerful kingdom of Avanti, towards the western frontiers of ancient India. When Abhaya finds herself in the midst of a far greater crisis, she along with Lord Krishna and her brother Vikram go all-out to struggle for what is correct and defend their confidence from breakdown. I congratulate Sai Swaroopa for her debut. Not just on the Mahabharata, but complete and fresh outlook on Diwali and Narkasura has been depicted in the story.  Her writing had clear plot, with characters who stood up to their characterization with all the twists and turns required. If you are familiar with mythology, this book becomes an easy read as you get to read a mention of Pandavas, and Lord Krishna in this. For me, the philosophy in this book was well written and handled. It was over all a good and quick reading.  I strongly recommend this book to everyone irrespective of liking or reading mythological fiction book should definitely give it a try.

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