The Third Day-Dwapara Yuga


Blurb: A day in Brahma’s life has 14 Manvantaras + 15 Sandhyas, which is equal to 4.32 billion years. Each Manvantara has 71 Divya-Yugas, which is equal to 306.72 million years. Again each Divya-Yuga is divided into four Yugas, Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali. Brahma created eleven Prajapathis and seven Saptarishis, who are called the Manas Putras to serve in creating the Universe. However, he made an irrevocable mistake on the first day of his life that cost him his honour, as one of the supreme Lords of the Trimurti, and led to the fight between evil and good and the loss of billions of lives. The very existence of humankind was questioned. In the Dwapara Yuga – Brahma fought to regain his honour – and Elsker, the Universe – to save his love Sarayu, the earth. In the first millionth year, of the Dwapara Yuga – the Tala Pata Grandas – the prestigious holy scripts, written on holy leaves – were opened, unveiling the unpleasant things to come. A terrifying war broke out between the cannibals and humankind. However, the unison of Elsker and Sarayu ended the war abruptly, during the first millionth year. Nevertheless, the evil had not yet ceased and Elsker left to build his army to combat the evil that was unleashed! The second millionth year began. To unearth the ‘City of Lost Souls’ and fight evil – the Universal Mind and Elsker began their quest for Nirbhaya and the Manas Putras. The Manas Putras were re-incarnated in the third yuga of the third day of Lord Brahma’s life. Elsker was not alone in this quest, the King of Narmada’;s soul; Daksha guided Elsker. Expect the unexpected…

Review: Hearty congratulations to Harshita Vallem for her debut. As I decided to experiment with different genres of reading and writing its review this year, I could not say no to the Author Harshita when she asked me to review her book. As I read The Third Day Dwapara Yuga I felt it like stories which I heard about ancient times has come true in front of me. The story has a dispute between Good and Evil. In the Dwapara Yuga Brahma fought for his standing and Elsker the Universe to save Sarayu the earth, his love, and in between raised a battle stuck between the cannibals and human race. The author has successfully written the story well and the narration has a right mix of reality and fantasy writing. No doubt the author has taken lots from the Indian mythology which went along her factious charming world. All the characters are well written a designed especially the antagonists. The author writes about the past that ties Elsker and Sarayu but without giving out many details. The narration has blended well of both the worlds. For me it was a good read with philosophical theme which contributed to the novel. The legends, imaginative world were interesting. I recommend this novel to everyone as the style of the author has successfully managed to create a good read and it is a wonderful treat for fantasy genre readers with hints of Indian mythology.

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