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Blurb: #Tweenache101: First, there’s PMS (it’s real and it’s painful and can someone please make it stop?). Second, there’s #The Boy. Yes, that’s right. The BOY. And third, there’s a #New Dad in the picture. Actually, he’s an old dad, but if Nina’s never met him before, he totally counts as new, right? And worst of all, there’s the #Nerd Wars. There’s a new nerd in the classroom – and she might be even nerdier than Nina. From the author of How To Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions, here’s another hilarious season in the life of #NinaThePhilosopher.

About the Author: Judy Balan is the overthinking parent of an overthinking child. Reality overwhelms her at times, which is why she enjoys making stuff up. She loves reading, watching and writing comedy. How to Stop Your Grownup from Making Bad Decisions was her first attempt at writing for non-grownups. She enjoyed it so much she decided to make it a series and call it Nina the Philosopher because over-thinking tweens deserve their own series. For more on Judy and her writing, hop over to or check out Nina’s blog

Review: Tweeanache in the time of hashtags – is the second book of the Nina the Philosopher series. As I did not read the first book, I managed to read some of the reviews to get myself familiar with this 2nd book. Judy Balan’s How To Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions, the first book of the series seems to be a pleasant read. The girl Nina’s blogs are astonishing, considerate and appealing, and I was happy that I would see more of her in the present book I read of her. It was an easy and quick read for me. It has been a year to both the books being out and for me after reading the reviews of first book both have been quite fresh to the mind. Nina is in Class 7 now, grown up. The spoiler in the beginning of the book is larger-than-life. It offered great hint escalating my eagerness to read your blogs, to know your story didn’t grow fainter. Very clear and intelligent Nina. If last year Nina thought of making new fragrances creative, this year (the present book), she named her mother’s candles in a supremely uproarious way. Creativity at great heights, appreciate Nina. Last year Nina was super intelligent girl, managing children-stuck-in-grown-ups, this year she is extraordinarily perfect with her reasonable share in the big adults’ world from having a crush on someone to being envious and defeating it, by joining in a nerd war, seeing the exquisiteness of winning and losing, thoughtful on different types of sexual orientation, and understand mental wellness. First book had many quotes, Nina was a quote-vending-machine and this year glad she underlined most of the unforgettable passages. Now how can I not mention a few of my favourites from those underlined?

  1. Nothing can make you feel quite as alone as when your best friend agrees with the rest of the world.
  2. I don’t know what I’m thinking till I write it all out.
  3. It was like everything had changed and nothing had changed.

Nina, your first book was fine (of which I only read the reviews), this is your second book and it is really superior, it has won my heart. I am now waiting for the third one to come out which I am sure would be better than the preceding ones. Blogs are immortal reads for me and I hope the books (the series) hang about too.

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