The Impact of Human Relationships

Everyone holds their own opinion on what values are most important to them. All values hold great merit, but it is the person deciphers which one is more valuable in their life. The importance of human relationships is a value that means a great deal to me personally. Maintaining a healthy relationship is the key here. Unhealthy relationships hold little value to me; it is the healthy ones that truly matter. However, unhealthy relationships still hold some value depending on how you look at it.

Human relationships are the foundation of the world we live in. The relationships that we have with others and our family can and will affect our behavior. Consequently, our relationships make us who we are as a person. As we grow, we learn not just from our parents but from life’s experiences along the way. Re-enforcement of values and beliefs are also what makes us who we are as individuals. From my own personal relationship with my mother, she naturally instilled in me her own values and beliefs, ultimately causing me to uphold them as well. One example of this is how she would always tell me to have confidence in yourself in whatever it is you do, hold your head up high when you walk past people, and just have an aura of confidence. This relationship I had with my mother made me evolve into the person I am today. Me taking on her advice and wisdom has lead me to different relationships I share with people. If I were to have been a quiet and insecure young woman in life, then I would guarantee I wouldn’t have the relationships I do now with people. Who knows, I might have ended up having less relationships because of it.

Humans are social creatures, there is no denying that. Think of how great you feel after sharing a laugh with a good friend. Something like sharing a laugh is part of a healthy relationship, which we all need in life. It is important that as individuals that we have support from our relationships because strong support is good for our well-being and therefore our relationships must be strengthened. With that being said, with healthy relationships, there also comes unhealthy ones. But these unhealthy relationships is what makes us stronger in the long run. Most people may not consciously see this initially, but humans do learn and grow from unhealthy relationships we endure. Whether a relationship constitutes as a love or hate relationship, there is some importance there. A relationship would not be labeled anything if tit was of no importance. Just remember that all relationships exist in one place. They exist in your thoughts. Your relationship with someone is whatever you imagine it to be. These relationships one creates will ultimately have some impact on that person’s life. This is the very reason why the importance of human relationships are so significant.

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