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A few years ago, when quinoa was first being touted as the amazing seed that everybody loved cooking and eating, I gave it a try. In fact, I gave it many Β tries in attempts to be healthy and understand what the fuss was about. There were lots of quinoa salads, quinoa soups, and quinoa patties β€” both homemade and eaten out. The final straw was a disastrous attempt at making quinoa-stuffed zucchini; it was so bad it went straight into the bin. No matter how I cook it or rinse it off first, it still tastes like dirt to me β€” musty, kind of dry, and just straight-up weird. People have challenged me to add more ingredients to quinoa, to deep-fry it and use it as a garnish or to cook it in coconut milk, but I find it a bit silly to try to mask quinoa’s flavors just to join the bandwagon and say I’m eating quinoa. I can get quinoa’s magical qualities by eating other grains, seeds, or proteins, and I happily do so. I hate quinoa. And no matter how many times I have been tried to bribe with a free sample, I just don’t want to eat it at all. Sorry, quinoa β€” you and I were never meant to be. Now that I’ve broken up with you, we can happily go our separate ways.

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7 thoughts on “Q -‘QUINOA’

  1. Lata Sunil

    Quinoa was marketed as the magic food which is a cure for all things – cholesterol, heart, fat, and what not. But sadly, the original people who were cultivating and eating quinoa were poor people. It was their local food which provided them healthy nutrition. But, the hype meant, they were deprived of their own food because it became famous. So, I plan to never touch Quinoa.

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