Letters to Her


Blurb: Karan, a very shy and an average-looking guy, falls in love with an angelic beauty, Ziya. With Ziya as an inspiration in his life, he discovers the writer in himself. Karan writes letters based on his ongoing life and his experiences with Ziya, and he sends each of these letters to her after he completes writing it. Through these letters, he expresses his love for her. Will Ziya fall in love with Karan because of these letters? Will she ever write back a letter to him?

About the author: KETAN KALANTRI is a writer and a filmmaker. He is one of the founder members of the production house, Melting Fire Films, with his friend Tanuj. They have made their first film Footsteps. He has worked on different Ad films. He loves to read, write and travel. He wishes to tell as many stories as he can throughout his life that are relatable, thought-provoking and brings smiles on everyone’s faces.

Review: It was amazing novel written by Ketan Kalantri. A very heart touching story and good piece of literary work. I never got bored while reading; it was sort of addictive as I wanted to only stop when I finish reading it. It took me not more than 1.5 days to complete this book. It is a great love story written so differently that I am looking forward to read more Ketan. Writing is romance is difficult and I am glad author Ketan is skilled writer in this genre and he did it very well. It was so well written as if I felt like everything is happening in front of me like watching a movie. My respect to such a good plot. I am sure if someone is not a believer in love would start to believe after reading the book. What an inspiration and highly recommendable.

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