The Youngster Who Became A Spy


Blurb: The book is a thriller, set in the 3rd and 4th Century AD, about a youngster who navigates his way through to the upper echelons of the state’s administration through determination. The newly acquired territory of Kaunse, in the ancient kingdom is at the crossroads of conspiracy. Deepo, a dynamic youngster, who is a typical citizen, rises to the occasion of spying for his beloved kingdom. His effort, skill, dedication, and an uncanny ability to survive and thrive in the utmost inhospitable conditions, save the kingdom from disaster on more than two occasions. The visionary emperor alters the way of thinking of the common man and in the process enriches the entire administrative machinery. The spy, the emperor, or his advisors are unaware about the threats to their kingdom. A certain turn of events over a period, causes uneasiness within the empire. A thrilling training of spies, their tests, a meticulously planned intelligence operation, and chase, and finally the search of the unknown follows.

About the author: “Sanjay B. Tari, after having completed his B.Com and ACA, now works as a Finance Controller at Sharq Investment Company, Kuwait. The author has interest in reading historical books, biographies, autobiographies, philosophical books and fictions. He is also interested in watching different forms of art performances. Writing is an important medium through which one can at a certain level influence the society around. Although fictional, the stories are a source of inspirations for youngsters and/or administrations and the subjects they handle. This subtle message, and inspiring various people and institutions for the benefit of the society as a whole inspired the author to write. He has contributed articles to the, ‘The Chartered Accountant Journal’ and ‘Newsletter of the MMK (Maharashtra Mandal)’. ‘The Youngster who became a Spy’ is his debut novel.”

 Review: I am not a big fan of historical fiction as it needs lots of research and precision and takes into time to get the content read into the mind. I did not like much this present book. The youngster who became a spy is an attempt to keep suspense alive which did not impress me much. The author could not match to keep the demographic and chronological narration to the point usually historical fictional thriller keeps up. I did not like the history nor suspense essence of the story. The author could not incite anxiety in me as the work went towards the ends of the story. If you are in need of a very simple read you can try this book else skip reading and save time.

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