So many books, so little time



“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” – Cicero

Relationships may get detached but friendship with books has great bonding without any fear of detachment. Loyalty of books than anyone else has attracted me to remain attached with them. The books are interwoven with my life in such a way that I seldom forget to carry a book while travelling or while leaving home.

Growing up I played tagged at recess, went over to the neighbour’s house, played video games and ran around with the family dog. But still books became friends to me more than people. Every book, every single book in my house is my best friend. In a way books are like people to me because they are my best friends, but don’t be mistaken. I like books more than people. Books are my escape from the real world. You can do anything you want inside the pages of a book with no consequences. You can be whoever you want, man or woman, adult or child, hero or villain. You can hurt. You can kill. You can kill and nobody will be the wiser inside a book, because books keep secrets like best friends should. I have best friends that are short and best friends that are long. I have funny best friends and sad best friends and adventurous best friends. I have best friends with gay protagonists and you don’t and that’s really closed-minded of you.

Books are so much my best friends that they’re my family. I have the paperwork here that I found in a book that says I can make my parents not my family. I’m my own family, just me and my books, my real family. Some day I’m going to marry a man like Professor Robert Langdon. Books give me strength. Reading gives me power. I have unlimited power. The books tell me soon I’ll have enough power to make them live, to release them from their paper prisons. It’ll be the books’ world then, and because I’m their best friend they will treat me kindly. You really made a mistake, not befriending books. Books never expect anything from us. Books never hurt us through bitter words. Books never complain. Books are there for us when we need them the most! Yes, books are truly my best friends.

“This post has been written in association with Chaayos & Blogchatter on occasion of Friendship Day”

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One thought on “So many books, so little time

  • August 8, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    I was a total bookworm too.. but somewhere along the way found a wormhole and disappeared. But again, trying to get back to it.. let’s see. But, I avidly read articles and blog posts. Love them!

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