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In the cosmos of souls,

Rebirth is like the mythical firebird ,

That burns to decease with each collapse,

Only to rise from its ashes with non-renewed conduct.

Wishes were countered and grasp suns-up,

The soul my the savoir and the key to escape,

No matter how tough the going gets,

The bonds are kept,

To be by my side ever since my creation.

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11 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. Rajlakshmi

    I wonder if a soul takes birth again and again, then isn’t it a possibility that there are only limited number of souls. I like the analogy of a firebird. Well written

  2. Anil Kulkarni

    Rebirth has been a mystical concept since the time people started talking about it. Everyone has their own interpretation. Maybe we are being reborn when we sleep and wake up in the morning. Maybe it’s all in the mind.

  3. mahekg

    we take rebirth even while living when we learn new things to evolve as a person.. I think we all have those phases of rebirth while living beautifully written #zarahatkeblogreads

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