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Indispensable – It is my salvation that allows me exists. It takes me to the real parts of myself as I go inward searching for meaning, peace, and passion what I discover. Writing has been for me a method to calm my frenzied mind and confine the commotions so I could make an effort to make sense of it. It is from this expanded state of being when I take my inner illusions and realize my outer reality that I feel connected with my highest truth and feel most energetic.

Focused – Whether I’m writing for myself or with the goal of spreading it for others to it is a watchful know-how. I establish and clarify a meaning, which guides me in the course. Although I am not certain how my writing will develop, I write self-help material to motivate, to authorize, to educate, to cure, and to attach.

Brainwave – Writing gives me the rule to inspire and motivate and develop for a better tomorrow. I write to inspire people to live a life of value based on ease, truth and bravery. To stop the crazy rat-race and voracity that is leading to our ruin.

Appreciation – Writing opens my heart to the world. It recognises the oneness by sharing joys, sorrows and successes we recognise and re-enforce the belief that a community effort is more successful than a lone voice that cannot be heard. It helps to assemble people towards a noble cause.

Salutary –Long before I ever wrote with the aim of getting published, I began writing for my life. My writing habit was only personal in form of journaling, essays and notes. I realised these practices created feelings of respite and growth in me. With time, my writing has developed in form of blogging, social media communications, and writing contests, but the know-how of support and increase remains similar.

Awakening – Writing makes me take a stand against injustices prevailing in society like corruption, child labour, rape, terrorism, atrocities against women, racial distinctions etc through my write ups and essays.

Personal– I write for myself as words have the probable to take me on a matchless journey of searching and expansion and often has the power to stir up a broad range of human emotions- laughter, joy, and peace to sadness, fear, anger and beyond; meeting these responses with interest has helped me understand myself .

It is my wish that through the process of writing and reading, I can find gems of wisdom that supports all of us in more deeply connecting with ourselves and each other.

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