Bride wanted


‘I love you’ that is how his emails for all time started and ended.

Those 3 words did the magic on her, making her blush pink.

I love you so much. I can’t imagine spending my life without you.

Never leave me because I’ll never let you go.” further his email read.

It was just a few days back that she had responded to this ad in a matrimonial website –
‘Handsome, distinguished gentleman seeking beautiful, mature and educated woman…’

He introduced himself to her over the emails as ‘P’.

He took her by surprise through his gifts – a pair of white Monolo Blahnik shoes and black Chanel bag.

He swept her off her feet with his voice, and made all the clichés in the world happen.

Whenever she spoke to P, she felt she had a connection with the voice.

But the fairytale had a surprise lined up.

The waiter pulled out a chair and she sat down.

“Would you like a menu?”

“No thanks, I’m waiting for my date, sher replied.

She dressed in green as per P’s wish.

He came from behind and grounded his hands on her shoulder.

‘Kamya’, P whispered romantically in her ears.

She slowly turned around. “Grandpa?”

In his hand, he had a bouquet of red roses and box of chocolates for his bride to be.

“This post is for Day 25 of UBC and Daily Chatter

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2 thoughts on “Bride wanted

  • October 26, 2016 at 2:02 am

    ha ha ..hey did you know something real like this happened in US..well but here the twist is fun

  • October 25, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Haha..what a twist..she must have been very surprised!

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