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The biggest religious festival of our India – Diwali just went off a few days back. I simply love the approach of the Diwali season – the minor winter chill, the cheerful faces, pleasure of shopping’s and decorations. As a child and now as an adult, this was and will remain my much-loved time of the year. The colour and the sight of Gods and Goddess, the merry, atmosphere, smell of agarbathis, flowers and chants of shlokas enthralls me still as it used to since many years.

The evening pooja and aarti on the Diwali day is my favourite.  I beautify my house with flowers, lamps or diyas, rangoli as I believe that during Diwali the Gods visit and bless those houses that are organized neatly, cleaned and adorned.

To me, during the pooja, I feel the Goddess and God come alive amidst the lit earthen lamps, the fragrant smoke of agarbathis, the offerings of flowers, fruits and sweets. Everyone’s faces wear a cheerful look of devotion and prayer and the night would join us in celebrating the Goddess and God with bursting of crackers which I believe keeps the evil spirit away from our homes. I dont feel irritated of the sounds of fire-crackers and always kept myself in it involved.

I decorate the house with many bright and colourful lamps/diyas every year, I pray that millions of lamps to illuminate my life and that of all my loved ones with endless joys, prosperity, health and wealth, brightening up not only homes but also hearts. In spite of how tough the year has been, my prayer would be that the sights and sounds of Diwali, the love, friendship and good cheers that encompasses the ambiance should ebb grief and renew hope in the hearts of even the most weathered pessimists too.

So what is true prosperity- our health, family and friends, or even the simple joys in life like reading a good book or enjoying a scrumptious sweet or getting a manicure done? During Diwali, I pray that everyone including me should pause and reflect on what true wealth really mean to us in our lives. I wish to be blessed with comfortable life with a knack to face hindrances in my path.

Off late, there have been many malevolence incidents and friends in guise of men have made life hell such as rapists, cheaters, and murderers. I pray for omen of triumph of angels over these demons.

I love studying and I have gained many accolades in my education, my pray would be that the pursuit of knowledge and education should be continuous in my life. Diwali is a time for indication, a time to re-visit and re-view without bias, ones judgment, performance and expressions and to rid oneself of the dimness and pessimism that dwells within.

With that I would like to wish all and everyone a very Happy Diwali.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Diwali

  1. kalaravi16

    Beautiful diwali feelings and wishes. A wonderful image you have here. Indeed Diwali is the time to reflect on all the blessings we have and conquer our evils. Lovely post Romila.

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