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As a little girl I visualized my wedding, about being a beautiful princess in a dreamy dress preparing to live happily ever after with her Prince Charming, than come a break in form of a woman who raised Prince Charming and who believes that he belongs ONLY to her. The Mother-in-Law (MIL)/Daughter-in-Law (DIL) relationship is often very complex for a variety of reasons. I am not married yet but I have seen marriage being broken because of the mother-in-law involving between the couple beyond the limit. I really wish to have a great relationship with my future mother-in-law. I am aware that it wonโ€™t be easy but I hope it should not be difficult too. Misunderstandings and some minor disagreements are common between 2 people and are more in families, but through communication and even some limit-setting on both of our parts I am sure of sharing a remarkable relationship with my future mother-in-law.

I read an article titled โ€œ5 Expert Tips for a Better Relationship with Your Mother-in-Lawโ€, not once but I read it again twice. I really liked those 5 tips mentioned in the article. Mothers-in-law have gotten a bad, a real awful status in history. Jokes on their torture, demands, and expectations from their daughters-in-law have long been part of our society and the challenges donโ€™t seem to be letting up. These mothers-in-law of television and films further the fire. After reading the article couple of times, here are few things which I have found really helpful.

To be a wonderful daughter-in-law it is significant to know that your gain may feel like your mother-in-lawโ€™s loss. Have consideration with her. She has been the main woman in your husbandโ€™s life and wholly much-loved by him since he was born, being a daughter-in-law this has to be time-honoured and remembered. Be kind, even if the mother-in-lawโ€™s talks and manners drives you insane. Be open to the possibility of being friends with your mother-in-law, it prevents half of the problems. Let her know that you are interested in her as a person and she is a big part of your life. Sheโ€™s not your mother so instead of being judgmental better to find out the differences and work on them.

I feel not just the daughter-in-law but even the mother-in-law has to cooperate to have a good and friendly relationship. Respect your son and his wife even if they donโ€™t do things the way you would. Give the younger couple lots of space to grow and figure things out on their own. Be positive! Donโ€™t assume the negative first. Be accessible, but not demanding with the daughter-in-law.

The challenges in the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship are not always in the hands of mother-in-law. Every relationship is two way street. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are complex and multi-faceted which can be made kind, empathetic and straightforward, resulting in fulfilling and nourishing relationship.

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