Do You Want To Know Why I Blog?

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I don’t know why others blog. But for me at present blogging has been a passion.

Once I used to pen my journal, hide the manuscript and open it whenever I turned nostalgic to read it. I was the only reader of my writings. With the evolution of technology, I started blogging to let others to read what I write now. (Not everything, though).

I want others to read me so I publish what I write. Publish? Yes; I don’t have to approach the anyone for publishing my write-ups.

Well, there are a plethora of reasons for me to blog. I keep my journal; I have a weird plan regarding writing. Blogging has been kind of homework for me, thus.

I write = my blog.

To express myself. To confess things. To message others. To reprove those persons who in person I cannot chance on and also those who I have to feign that I respect them. To message others. To entice some. To nag myself. To analyse…To share experiences…

I blog to let others know the ups and downs of my mindset. Perhaps, I blog to belittle myself. Maybe, I blog to astonish others with my lightened wisdom.

So what are your reasons to blog? I would love to know them…!!

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