Day#26 -Missed Calls


A missed call is a call that is deliberately terminated by the caller before being answered by its intended recipient, appearing as a “missed call” on the receiver’s cellphone.

Nothing on this world irritates me more than a missed call. If I have genuinely missed a call due to some proper reason, it is definitely reasonable but if someone else has to talk to me and he/she gives a missed call, it pisses me off very badly. Almost every mobile phone company has tried and is trying to ensure that the call rates remain the cheapest but then why pay for something when you can get it for free? People never let go of an opportunity to save money on our calls, and the best way to do this? – Missed calls.

I hate, I really do, those people who gives me a missed call and expects me to call back. This is very bad attitude. Why miss calls should be given. We cannot take excuse that cell charges are high that is why one cannot afford. But instead, many new offers are coming day in day out and normally the cell charges are very reasonable to have local calls. Knowing all well people still prefer to give miss call and try to save their money. It is very simple basic psychology-” Why should I spend my money on you? You spend it”. Mostly such calls will for something in favour of the missed call recipient. I am sure everyone reading this have received so called missed calls on your mobile phone. Many times such missed call makes me so irritating that I tend to say something back to such person who tries to disturb me especially when Iam busy.

This Post is written for Day#26 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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