Habit is what keeps you going


Different people inculcate different habits in terms of their daily lifestyle. These habits are always unique in their own ways which started like mandatory routine to be followed on part of an individual’s daily lifestyle, making it a unique way of their life. Some habits are different and weird on the part of the spectator when it gets noticed.  However, some people are so well organised that their habits are really appreciable and others tend to copy them.  These habits become a necessity in the life of an individual right from the start of the day till the night’s sleep. In today’s time, while we wake up in the morning with the irritating nose of the alarm bell, we start to follow our own habit as part of the routine. Right after we snooze the alarm for multiple times and when we finally decide to open the eyes, maximum number of people tend to open their cellphone to check for the messages or the social media notifications.  While a notification from a near and dear one always makes us smile or surprises the heart out, ‘no notifications’ on the phone screen makes us worry about the well being of the dear ones.

Being part of today’s generation, I confess, I do have a habit of scrolling through the phone notifications right after I stop the alarm bell.  To be honest, I expect notifications from the person who is very close to my heart, and I am so badly addicted and committed to the person that I wish to start my day with seeing his face in the morning to be the first thing. The same person is always the last one I bid good night in the previous night, still I always hope and expect some notification from his side in my very first look up on the phone.  It is still a rarity but I always wish that whenever I open my eyes, I expect him to be the person on my phone’s notifications asking me, ‘where are you? I am waiting for you here.’

When I am too lazy to get up and need some more minutes to be on my bed, I prefer to go through my phone’s gallery once, to start my day. I have always been a huge photography enthusiast and I love to spend time going through the details of the photos I have clicked in the past.  Further, abundance of photos of the one special person I care the most makes me scroll through the album often and again without bothering about time. This has, in some occasions, made me reach office late (confession).

Good or bad, I must say that we can’t judge people by this kind of habits they inculcate. Everybody has his own unique way to start off his day and each one of them has their individual opinion and reasoning about the habit. Whatever the habit may be, it makes one unique and special on his own terms whether it is a good or a bad habit. To add, I love to see her face as the first thing in the morning and I feel this morning habit of mine is special, so is she for me.

Do feel free to share what you do the very first thing in the morning after the alarm is off.

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