Are you one who keep on doing mistakes?? What I believe is Mistakes are obviously are stepping stones towards learning, like we tell kids we all at a point commit mistake.

5 important things I learned from my mistakes:

  1. My mistakes made me strong : Yes, my mistakes has given me steps towards my personality as each mistake made me strong as taught me not to commit me.
  2. My mistakes made me focused: It made me focused as I always tried my next step should not repeat same mistake.
  3. I learned to be more truthful and I learned to accept my mistakes.
  4. My mistakes are only mine I can’t blame anyone for my mistakes.
  5. Mistakes make me realize that mistake could be committed by anyone at any age.

Have you ever committed mistakes?? Check out prompts for this #WedShadow

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Today’s Prompts:

  1. – Write about making mistakes and accepting them.
  2. . What was your first bike or car? share your experience of owning it. Do you still have it?

Picture Prompt :


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One thought on “#WEDSHADOW WEEK4

  • December 7, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    yes Romila,it’s important to accept your own mistakes. no matter how embarrassing they make us but they show us the correct way.

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